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About Kegel8

Kegel8 was born from the desire to offer information, support and a range of pelvic floor exercise devices to strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles. We know that leaking urine is common - 1 in 3 adult women will suffer, yet taboos and embarrassment mean it often goes ignored. To avoid or even 'pad' the problem means it will only get worse and Kegel8 offers a way for women and men to include self-management and take personal responsibility in their pelvic floor health and be pivotal in preventing further deterioration. Currently women and men turn to Kegel8 for a variety of reasons; some with bladder leaks, some wanting to avoid surgery, others recovering from surgery and some who are simply too embarrassed to seek medical support. To get the best results it is vital that pelvic floor exercises are done regularly and correctly. Ideally before purchasing a pelvic floor toner from the Kegel8 range we recommend a user seeking professional guidance from a GP, Physiotherapist or continence nurse.

With a passion for not only our range of medically pelvic toners but for excellent service, support and advice, we work hard to be at the heart of pelvic health and to emphasise the positive health implications of a strong pelvic floor. We also highlight the devastating effects of a weak pelvic floor, but always offer ideas for management, support and further help.

Our hard work to make an impact and reach out to women and men who suffer with pelvic floor problems was recognised in 2012 when we were awarded the Regional Medilink Healthcare Business Award sponsored by The University of Sheffield Innovation Centre. Recognition was awarded to us again in 2013 when we were awarded the National Medilink UK Healthcare Business Award.

At Kegel8 we believe that knowledge is key and we need to break the taboo surrounding pelvic floor dysfunction once and for all. Lets get strong in mind and body with Kegel8.

Meet the Team

Our reputation is built on providing quality home health solutions; medically certified and clinically proven. Our dedicated team pride themselves on giving you the information you need to help you understand the importance of a healthy pelvic floor - and more importantly how to optimise your pelvic floor health - so your pelvic floor muscles last you for a lifetime.

Stephanie Taylor
Founder & Managing Director

Emma Melnyk
Brand Manager

Working closely with our brand development team, our Customer Service team are second-to-none. As Kegel8 users themselves, they address all queries in a professional and sensitive manner to ensure you feel comfortable in discussing your needs.