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BEAC Med Perisphera O Perineal Probe


In Stock - Despatched From The United Kingdom

  1. Vaginal probe made from biocompatible plastic material
  2. Use with your electronic pelvic floor toner; the only probe that's Kegel8 approved!
  3. Two spherical electrodes for large stimulation area & gold plated metalised nickel-free electrodes
  4. Can be used for EMS or biofeedback
  5. Probe does not come with inclusive lead wires, you can purchase it with 1 lead wire in the pack size variant below.

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Easy to use vaginal probe and simultaneous stimulation

Connecting Lead Wires

Stimulate your pelvic floor muscles simultaneously with Perisphera O. This is the perfect vaginal probe to use for undifferentiated stimulation of the pelvic floor in every angle. Due to its large surface area on the gold plated metalised, nickel-free electrodes, you can use the Perisphera O in any position for perfect muscle activation, every time.

Its fantastic shape and size means the Perisphera O is easy to use both by you and a therapist. The dual spherical shapes allow for easy insertion, use and cleaning! This probe is ideal to use while lying down.

The Perisphera probe is made entirely from biocompatible plastic material. Each Perisphera perineal probe is compatible with electronic pelvic floor toner Kegel8 Ultra 20, EMG biofeedback or EMS machines using two or four wires with a 2mm female banana ending. Probes are provided in a sealed bag with instructions.

The Perisphera O must not be sterilised or autoclaved. It must be cleaned with mild soapy water after each use. It is a CE mark Medical device Class 2a and has 2 years warranty.

Please be aware that this probe does not come with a lead wire, you will need to purchase the relevant lead wires in the pack size variant when adding to your basket.

*please note this probe is compatible with the Kegel8 Ultra 20 only*



BEAC Med probes are now officially Kegel8 approved!

The superior quality of BEAC Med probes will make sure your exercise routine is clean, hygienic and safe every time. BEAC Med have been designing and manufacturing probes at their Italian headquarters since 1981; their range is expertly engineered to fit a huge variety of needs and body types, with unparalled conductivity. Maximise the effect of your kegels with a BEAC Med probe!


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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 10088
Brand BEAC Med
Can be used with Use with Kegel8 Ultra 20 and Ultra Vitality
Diameter 2.8cm (1.12 inches)
No. of Electrodes 2
Can Be Used With Biofeedback Yes
Certification CE
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Weight (kg) 0.0400
User Manual View and/or Download the User Manual
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Disappointing Review by Dee
Product Rating
I purchased this probe because I was hoping the round gold conductors would produce a better contraction of the muscles and as I have arthritis I need a probe with a hilt as I find it easier to insert. However the hilt on this just slides up and down it cant be fixed in place and moves when trying to insert it, also the contractions felt are extremely weak even at 90mas. I don't think I will be able to use it again so feel it was a waste of money.

Previously I had been using the Pelviline probe which I had been happy with but just thought I would try another to see if it was more effective. I wish I had not wasted my money. (Posted on 31 July 2014)
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Love this probe! Review by Dee
Product Rating
This is the probe that came with my Kegel8 Ultra 20. I had this for about a year and only stopped using it when the plating came off. I would definitely recommend this probe. I have gone on to try different probes. But I had absolutely no issues using this probe. I have three children and suffered from leakage when sneezing or coughing, since using my Kegel8 the problem has totally disappeared. Thank you Kegel8! (Posted on 16 April 2016)
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excellent progress. Review by bramble
Product Rating
I set my probe at 25 MAs every time and do the 30 mins mixed incontinence workout- I cant believe some people are setting it at 90 MAs- sometimes I have to lower mine to 22 because the feelings are quite sharp and stingy and the sensations aren't always in the same place each night is this as it should be? I've been using my kegal8 for just two weeks and i think im beginning to notice a slight difference already... I'm not getting up 15 to 20 times a night or 3 to 6 times when i wake in the morning( in quick succession ) so Im very pleased with progress. (Posted on 11 November 2015)
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Fix Your Probe Wires Review by Sam
Product Rating
I know Kegel can't tell you this as it is a medical device, but when one of my wires fell out, I glued it back in with superglue. Works brilliantly. I turned the probe so that the wires were pointing up, held the broken wire in, turned it on in my hand to make sure I had contact and squeezed the glue in. It set in seconds, and still works just fine. I intend to superglue the wires of my new probe, even before I use it for the first time. Word of warning, when you turn it on in your hand, keep the MAs LOW or you will probably drop your probe! It HURTS. (Posted on 4 January 2016)
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Good, comfortable to use Review by LK61
Product Rating
This is the second probe I have bought, it is easy to use and I think better for me because the other probe had nickel in it and I think I had a reaction to it.
I have to use my kegal8 whilst lying down because the probe does come out with me - working on that bit obviously. But it is very comfortable to use. (Posted on 19 August 2014)
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Not very effective Review by Pat
Product Rating
I was sent this as a replacement for the original probe (Electronic Pelvic Probe) I was setting the MA's to around 50 on that one which I could feel working and I noticed a difference immediately, however with this probe I set MA at max 90 and can barely feel anything I have also noticed I am losing the strength I had gained. I have just ordered another probe (perishpera H Perineal) so will see how I go with that one. (Posted on 22 January 2015)
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I found it very effective but it broke after only 3 months Review by Butterfly
Product Rating
I am happy with it, and I feel that it really works well for my pelvic muscles,
as I recently got a prolapsed uterus, so I am useing it to at least keep my condition stable, but unfortunatly after only 3 months of using it it broke, the electric wires came out of the probe.
I don't know if it's still in warranty as I bought it last Dicember, so about 8 month ago, but I 've started the exercices only 3 months ago.
I hope to ear back from kegel8 soon, as I had to interrupt my exercises , which have become very important.
I 'll buy more probs when necessary, but i find that is has broke too soon, also I live in italy and so sending costs are higher. (Posted on 28 August 2015)
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So easy to use Review by Jenni
Product Rating
I have only used the probe four times but find it absolutely fine. It is easy to insert and comfortable when in place. I am beginning to feel the benefit already. I am not good with manual exercises so this probe and the Kegel8 unit are ideal. I had tried using weighted cones previously but gave up when they kept falling out! This probe is just great for me. (Posted on 29 August 2015)
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Disappointed with return of a possible faulty probe. Review by Star
Product Rating
I purchased my kegel ultra 20 less than three months ago and have experienced problems with MAs going above ten and then returning to zero. After contacting customers services I was asked to try some problem solving before sending the probe back which I had already tried. I was advised that it could take between five to ten days before I had a replacement probe if it was faulty. I have been using the machine twice daily since purchase and am currently having a course of physiotherapy.I am dissapointed that I wil have to wait this long for a replacement and now I feel that it would be quicker to purchase a new probe and leads which is more expense as the one recommended needs two leads with the added cost of the probe.if I was to purchase a new probe it would only take a few days to arrive. This device is an expensive investment but but one that I have felt worth investing in and have so far been pleased with the results. (Posted on 22 February 2016)
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10/10 Review by nutcracker
Product Rating
seems very effective but need to do it religiously. Much prefer to any others - seems to hit more muscle area and doesn't pinch taking out! Shame it doesn't last longer but it's worth the money anyway (Posted on 30 May 2016)
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Product Questions

I bought for me and my mom two kegel8 electrostimulators in December 2014, I haven't had time to use it much, but my mom has a prolapsed uterus, so for her it's very important to keep exercing, she has been using it since 3 months, and about 2 weeks ago it broke...the electric wires came out of the probe , please tell me how to procede with the warranty, we hope you can send us a new functional probe, it was quite costly for us, and it's not really fare that it broke so soon. Hope to ear back from you soon, thank you
How far in should I insert the probe? Should the slider be nearest towards the balls or furthest away?
Why is this advertised with a 2year warranty? Where does it say that it only lasts a few months??
Good evening. I have got kegel ultra from May 2015 I have been using it for 2 months but now I can not increase the power more than 10 it is coming back to 0. I changed the batery ,tried all programmes. ,changed wires but still not working. Can you tell me please what can I do. ? Thank you.
Kind regards, Claudia
Hi, this probe came with my Kegel8 ultra 20 is this one ok for me to use? I ask this because I have never used a Kegel before and just looking to strengthen my pelvic floor muscle as I have never really done any exercises. I have had 3 natural births the 3rd one was a big baby and although I have never really had any problems previously the last couple years I do wee myself a little bit when I laugh, sneeze or cough so thought this would help also I worry about prolapses since my sister had one last year. Also this sounds stupid but do I have to push both those rounded bits inside me? I have not even tried out my kegel yet bit scared! Kind regards, Sharon.
There is a sliding part on the stem, how is this supposed to be positioned, at the bottom near the wires at the top near the electrodes or in the middle ?
Is this probe compatible with Kegel8 Ultra Vitality:

And if so, can I use the lead wires that came with the unit, or do I need to purchase a different kind of wire to use this probe?

The nickel probe that came with the Vitality is somewhat irritating.

I updated my toner and received this probe. It's working well I believe but there is a sliding part on the stem of the probe what is the purpose of this please?
Like a previous question, I bought my Kegal earlier this year and have used it intermittently as I was ill fir a month just after getting it. I am pleased with my progress now but have not used it more than /0 times. One lead leading from the probe came adrift from the probe without rough handling or warning. Thus dies nit seem a reasonable amount if time fir such an expensive product to last. How do I deal with the warranty? I wish to go on using the probe as it has been effective in dealing with my incontinence issue si it is critical I have a pbrobe to use ASAP. Thanks for dealing with this in advance. I would also like to order replacement sticky leg pads.
Is this probe compatible with the Kegal Tight & Tone
I noticed that it is advised not to sterilise this probe - does this include the antibacterial cleanser in thecare pack?
This probe came with the ultra 20. Just wanted to ask whether it should be touching all sides as concerned it is only stimulating upper and lower walls not the sides - hip to hip as does not reach! Do I need a wider probe. Concerned it will be ineffective or be missing out a muscle group. Also concerned about the cost of another probe.