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Remember Your Posture! Top Pelvic Tip from Stephanie Taylor #PelvicMafia

As part of our #PelvicMafia tips series, today's great tip comes from our very own Kegel8 MD Stephanie Taylor. Stephanie is passionate about all things pelvic floor, and strongly believes in the importance of posture for a strong and healthy pelvic floor...

stephanieStephanie Taylor, MD of Kegel8 gives us her top tip for posture and the pelvic floor...

So you've decided you need to do something about your pelvic floor, you've ignored it for far too long and now it is letting you down - literally!

Kegel exercise is one part of the equation - there are other things that you can/need to do to help your pelvic floor to keep on supporting your pelvic organs and to stop the leaks (urine or bowel) and make sure you can continue to go to the loo properly. There are no 'quick fixes' here, your pelvic floor gradually weakens from your teens onwards and it's a muscle group that most of us sadly take for granted. The number one think you have to remember is that Kegel exercises usually take about 3 months to really show the benefit - the reason they fail? Women don't believe they are getting any benefit because progress is slow, so they give up. However compare the 3 months or 12 weeks kegel exercise plan to the years of neglect and you'll soon see kegels as a great opportunity to improve your body.

So What Else Can You Do Apart From Kegel Exercises?

Your pelvic floor muscles work in conjunction with your abdominals and your diaphragm and help to support your spine. If your muscles are weak there is a lack of support and you could also suffer with back problems. Clinical studies have shown that good posture both whilst sitting and standing ensures the deep tummy muscles and pelvic floor muscles are working.

Don't take my word for it - it's a clinically proven fact that sitting properly and watching your posture helps take the pressure off your pelvic floor...

Stephanie Taylor Posture Clinical Study

Follow this simple rule and correct your sitting posture to compliment your kegel exercise.

It's as simple as BBC...

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  • […] Everything in your body is connected. It’s important to think about this when you’re doing kegels as bad posture causes weak core muscles and a weak pelvic floor. When you slouch, your tailbone tucks underneath you and causes your pelvic floor muscles to contract and stretch. As well as weakening them through the day, if you do kegels in this position you will strain and damage your muscles! Sitting and standing properly ensures that your core and pelvic floor stay toned and active, reducing incontinence and lowering your risk of vaginal prolapse. If you struggle to sit up straight, we recommend a wedge cushion as a way of easing your body into correct posture while your core gets stronger. Get some top tips on posture from our MD Stephanie over at Remember Your Posture! Top Pelvic Tip from Stephanie Taylor #PelvicMafia. […]