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  • Viagra - how much!?!

    Having erectile dysfunction can ruin relationships and cause depression, and with 40% of men suffering from ED it is time to take action! Continue reading

  • BEAC Med Probes Are Now Kegel8 Approved!

    BEAC Med probes are some of our bestsellers - and with good reason! BEAC Med are an Italian company who have been developing and producing medical equipment of the finest quality since 1981. Some shocking new research carried out on their probes has led us to be even more keen on them than ever - giving them our official Kegel8 seal of approval! Read on to find out why...

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  • 5 Things Women Do That Could Improve Men's Health

    Women are stereotypically better at looking after their health. Photos of women laughing with salad are the norm, while men are encouraged to neck down as many beers and burgers as possible. This is thought to be a big part of why women live longer than men. On average, women live for 4 years longer than men. You can avoid health issues and close the gap by taking a few tips from the ladies...

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  • Movember- How Much Money We Raised

    Too many men are dying prematurely!

    You may have noticed in the past few weeks a large increase in the number of dodgy moustaches around you, this isn’t a strange homage to Lionel Ritchie or Freddie Mercury, they are all part of the charity awareness campaign Movember. Continue reading

  • Why You Should Be Feeling Your Balls

    Did you know that rates of testicular cancer have doubled in the last 50 years? Nobody knows why this is, which is why it’s so important to be aware of the signs of cancer. Around 2,200 British men are diagnosed each year, making it the most common cancer in men aged 25-49. When you’re young it’s easy to feel like nothing bad can happen to your health. Checking for testicular cancer takes just a few minutes each month and could save your life, and your crown jewels!

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  • How to Beat Erectile Dysfunction the Natural Way

    Did you know that 40% of men have trouble getting an erection? It's so common, but we're all scared to talk about it because of the embarrassment factor. At Kegel8 we're dedicated to bringing taboo topics into the light. So this Movember we want to help you if you're suffering from ED! Read on to find out what could be causing your erectile dysfunction and how you can treat it yourself at home.
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  • Painful Penis? It Could be Prostatitis!

    Did that headline make you wince? If you’ve been suffering from prostate pain then you’re probably used to wincing! The lack of awareness of prostate health means that many men put up with prostate problems without realising that there is a solution. If you’ve been having pain in your penis, pelvis, lower back or bottom then it will do you good to read on and see if you’re actually experiencing symptoms of prostatitis.

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  • 4 Toilet Mistakes That Can Damage Your Pelvic Floor

    Think you know how to pee? You may think that you mastered how to go to the toilet when you were 4 years old and you learned to use the potty. But loads of us are making simple mistakes all the time that are damaging our pelvic floors! These mistakes build up over the years, leading to pelvic floor dysfunction like incontinence, prolapse and pain. If you’re doing one of these 4 things you’re at risk!

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  • Learn the Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer – It Could Save Your Life!

    Movember is here; this campaign to promote awareness of prostate cancer just gets bigger and bigger every year. It’s loads of fun watching your friends and family grow a wide variety of moustaches to raise money. But would you really know if you were showing signs of prostate cancer? At Kegel8 we’re experts in prostate problems – read on to find out if you need to see a doctor.

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  • Movember and the health crisis facing men

    Movember is a charity that was set up in 2003, with just 30 participants growing a moustache, with the aim of raising awareness and combatting health issues that affect men and allowing them to live happier, healthier and longer lives. Movember has now grown into a global charity with over 5 million participants and has raised a staggering £443 million in just 12 years and has funded 1200+ projects in 21 countries. Movember aims to reduce the number of men dying too early by 25% by the time we get to 2030. Improving men's health is something that we at Kegel8 are also passionate about which is why this year we are helping to do our bit.

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