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  • One More Reason To Quit Smoking: Freedom From Pelvic Problems!

    There aren't many things you can do that are worse for your health than smoking. From coughing and bad breath to lung cancer, it's all bad news! One downside many people don't know about is the increased risk of pelvic floor disorders. Every time you cough your pelvic floor gets strained; if you have a chronic smoker's cough then this can eventually lead to incontinence and prolapse! Use our tips to help you quit.

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  • Who Invented Kegels? The Story of Arnold Kegel

    Where does the term ‘Kegel’ come from? Kegel exercises are named after the man who invented them – Dr. Arnold Kegel. Read on to find out how he became a pelvic floor pioneer…

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  • Vaginal Steaming to Jade Eggs - Avoid These Funny Fanny Fads!

    Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website GOOP has become a major part of popular culture in the last few years. From fashion tips to healthy recipes, you can copy every part of Gwyneth’s life. We’re a big fan of some of her advice – she’s championed pelvic health and made a big effort to educate women on their pelvic floors. But some of Gwyneth’s ideas are a little… out there. Read on to find out which tips you should definitely not follow – and which you should!

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  • 16 Exclusive Pelvic Floor Secrets from Hilarious Kegel Comic Elaine Miller

    Elaine Miller is a pelvic floor physiotherapist and stand up comedian - not a combination you see every day! Since qualifying as a physio in 1993 she has worked at her practice in Edinburgh while also touring the world to educate people on pelvic health in a way that's friendly, accessible and hilarious. As a friend of Kegel8 she has told us her top 16 kegel rules. They're easy to follow and will give you a chuckle while helping you protect your pelvic floor!

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  • 7 Ways to Stop Your Vagina Falling Out

    Your vagina can fall out??? Yep, it’s true; vaginal prolapse is a serious condition that affects far more women than you would think. Around 40% of us will be affected by the time we reach our 60s! Prolapse is uncomfortable and painful, not to mention humiliating. It can cause symptoms like incontinence and affects your enjoyment of sex. So how can you avoid being one of the 40%? There are a few simple lifestyle changes that will significantly reduce your risk of vaginal prolapse while improving your overall health. Read on to find out the 7 most effective ones…

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  • Living with Urge Incontinence? Make Life Easy with These Practical Tips

    Urge incontinence, or overactive bladder, affects about 15% of women of all ages. Women who suffer from this condition feel the urge to urinate when their bladder isn’t actually full. This can lead to leaks and accidents; symptoms which are really embarrassing and hard to deal with. If you have urinary problems, it can be frustrating as the fear of having an accident gets in the way of every day life. However, there are some simple lifestyle changes you can try which will ease your risk of leaking.

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  • 4 Toilet Mistakes That Can Damage Your Pelvic Floor

    Think you know how to pee? You may think that you mastered how to go to the toilet when you were 4 years old and you learned to use the potty. But loads of us are making simple mistakes all the time that are damaging our pelvic floors! These mistakes build up over the years, leading to pelvic floor dysfunction like incontinence, prolapse and pain. If you’re doing one of these 4 things you’re at risk!

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  • 4 Simple Changes to Make Your Pelvic Floor Muscles Stronger

    A Kegel8 pelvic toner is the best choice you can make for your pelvic floor, helping you to make the most of your kegel exercises. But when it comes to pelvic health there are a few more things you can do to make sure you stay free of symptoms like incontinence and prolapse. We got 4 simple lifestyle changes you can make that will help keep your pelvic floor muscles in tip top condition for years to come...
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  • The secret's out - Kegel8 is the secret to a sizzling post-menopause sex life!

    The arrival of the menopause is a source of dread for many women – there are a wide range of possible symptoms of varying severity and unpleasantness that can leave you sweaty, uncomfortable and feeling unattractive. The traditional view of menopause is that it signals the end of everything society tends to value about women; our fertility, our youth and our sexual attractiveness. As the Baby Boomer generation starts to go through ‘the change’, they are changing attitudes to this time of life – something a recent Kegel8-praising Guardian article has expressed in lots of scintillating detail!

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  • New Year, New You, New Uterus - Exercise and Your Pelvic Floor

    As January starts and you wake up out of your turkey and chocolate-induced haze, your thoughts are probably turning to how you’re going to work off all the after-effects of the festive season. If you have a weak or prolapsed pelvic floor, you may have been advised to stay away from the gym and only do mild exercise – this can put a lot of women off exercising at all out of fear. At Kegel8 we don’t want you to miss out on the many benefits that exercise has on your body and mind! We’ve put together this guide on how to tone your body and your pelvic floor muscles in a way that’s safe and fun. Continue reading

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