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Kegel8 Vaginal Cones are now available on prescription and listed on the NHS Drugs Tariff Part IXA-Appliances

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The effect of pelvic floor weakness can be devastating and is a health issue we need to address world-wide.

We get enquiries every day from all around the world from people wanting to purchase kegel8 in their home country.

Whilst we ship world-wide, we recognise that Kegel8 users would benefit greatly from local distributors and that's where you come in...

If you would like to be a part of the growing Kegel8 brand and become a distributor, please contact us with your enquiry at

You can buy products from the Kegel8 range in your home country from these official online retailers:

Czech Republic

Glynn Brothers Chemicals
+420 2 4491 1889

East Africa

Rukiya Dash & Beauty
+254 (0) 711 357 535


Hedoneo Boutique
09 53 40 22 66

Perinee Shop
02 33 07 80 00




Nedaf BV
0343 412192


SC Prime Advertising
0744 569 069

South Africa

+27 31 569 6246