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Kegel8 Vaginal Cones


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Product Details

  1. Weighted vaginal cones 70% success in clinical trials
  2. Three different weights for active progression
  3. Unique indicator bar to ensure you kegel correctly
  4. Body safe silicone
  5. Includes new, unique Kegel8 physiotherapist exercise plan
  6. Includes Kegel8 storage bag


Kegel8 Cones featured on Made For Mums

What are Kegel8 Weighted Vaginal Cones and how do they work?

This is a comprehensive Pelvic Floor Toning System designed for all women looking for a more effective method of strengthening their PC muscles quickly and easily – with visual indicators ensuring you locate the muscles correctly. By incorporating weight resistance into the ‘squeeze, lift and release’ exercises it has been shown that these pelvic exercises are more efficient giving better results. The indicator wand on the cones gives you visual proof that you are contracting and releasing the correct muscles – you’ll find this an invaluable guide to isolating, strengthening and exercising your pelvic floor.

Why should I use them?

If you are looking for a manual exerciser that is clinically proven to give you great results then Kegel8’s Weighted Vaginal Cones are perfect for you! There are no strings or cords attached to the cones – so you won’t need to worry about them snapping as you try to remove them (leaving you with a cone firmly lodged inside your vagina - a problem reported with other weighted exercise cones). Weighted cones are ideal in helping to combat light bladder weakness and re-establishing tone and strength to your pelvic floor they also improve your love-life too!
Designed by clinicians the Kegel8 weighted cones offer the very best in clinically proven pelvic floor strengthening. There are 3 toners, varying in size and weigh – this is a structured progressive exercise kit with a medically verified success rate of 70%. Start at the largest, lightest weight and perform the manual squeeze and release exercises against the weighted cone, and watch as the indication wand moves downwards. This is visual proof that you are squeezing the correct muscles – not using your thighs, buttocks or abdominals which so many of us do without even knowing!
If you stop exercising your pelvic floor, it will deteriorate (as it does from our teens onwards) and to prevent the problems of a weak pelvic floor – laughter leaks, faecal leaks, too many loo visits, uncontrollable wind, and reduced sexual sensation you need to exercise regularly.

New and improved!: With every purchase of the Kegel8 Weighted Vaginal Cones, you will receive the fantastic new Kegel8 Exercise Plan - a specially designed plan developed in conjunction with a leading physiotherapist, with exercises for both Kegel beginners and more advanced users, ideal for those with a weak pelvic floor right through to those who think that they already have pelvic floor muscles of steel!

Please note: In some cases Kegel8 Weighted Vagina Cones may not be suitable for those who suffer from vaginal prolapse. This is because the prolapse might prevent you from inserting and positioning the weights correctly. Please call us if you need more information, but also be aware that a vaginal prolapse needs pelvic floor exercising so please don't ignore it!

Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 9024
Brand Kegel8
Recommended For All Urinary Incontinence
Light Bladder Weakness
Weak Pelvic Floor
Tighten & improve intimate sensation
New mums
Can be used with KE Gel | Kegel8 Klean
Included Contents 1 large pale lilac 24g toner | 1 medium lilac 37g toner |1 small dark lilac 48g toner | 1 Storage Container | Instructions | 12 Week Exercise Plan
Material Medical-Grade Santoprene (Autoclavable)
Length 170 mm
Insertable Length 80 mm
Diameter 27mm | 29mm | 32mm
Certification CE
Guarantee 3 Month Manufacturers
Weight (kg) 0.2600
User Manual View and/or Download the User Manual (English)
View and/or Download the User Manual (French)
View and/or Download the User Manual (Spanish)
View and/or Download the User Manual (Italian)
View and/or Download the User Manual (German)

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I would recommend this to other women like me, but it is not easy and you have to master the technique. Review by Jenny
Product Rating
Was recommended these by my Physio, they have helped me isolate the correct muscles and made me much more aware of how my muscles work, and more importantly have stopped the leaks.
I have not worn a pad for 4 weeks now, which is amazing, but I knew I had to do something because I was having more and more accidents.
I would recommend this to other women like me, but it is not easy and you have to master the technique.
Jenny, 4 Children, 43 years. (Posted on 22 April 2014)
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Useful product for improving Pelvic floor muscles Review by Jo
Product Rating
I find that the cones are very helpful in showing you when you are using the correct pelvic floor muscles. The exercises that come with the cones are good for gradually increasing the strength of the muscles too. (Posted on 13 April 2014)
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Great Review by KS
Product Rating
I have only just started really - using the product for just about two weeks. I can honestly say I can tell a difference. (Posted on 7 April 2014)
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I would recommend these! Review by Roxy
Product Rating
I have used these for 4 weeks now and I am very pleased with my progress, I decided to do something after I wet myself at the school gates and just couldn't stop. I am 32 and I don't want to be in pads!
Progress is steady and I am on the middle weight one, it is easy to do and I have got a good routine together. Wish I had started right after the birth of my daughter, (she's 5 now) but I am making up for it.
I would recommend these! (Posted on 11 November 2013)
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indicator clip Review by L
Product Rating
My product does not have the indicator clip. Does it go separate?
What other languages are the instructions translated to? Can I get a manual in my language?

Dear L,
I am sorry you don't seem to have the clip. Please e mail me so that I can identify you and we can send you the indicator clip - I am sorry it was not included in your packaging. By using the clip it means the 'tail' is curved upwards and you can than see when you are correctly engaging the pelvic floor because the tail should dip down when you contract or squeeze your muscles.
Other languages are available - please let me know which ones you would like I can e mail or send a paper version if we have them available - however I do not have your e mail address.
Please let me know so that I can resolve this for you
Fiona@Kegel8. (Posted on 2 October 2013)
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affordable and easy to use Review by etspeaksfromhome
Product Rating
After using it on and off for 4 weeks, the whole experience is getting easier and easier, that you would hardly notice that it is not an exercise but part of your daily routine.

When I first doing the exercise, I started on my bed laying on top of a clean towel and with a stand up mirror in between my legs. The towel is to catch any discharge or mess from the KE gel. The mirror is use to check if I have done the exercise correctly. An indicator clip is included in the box which attaches to the vaginal cone. It creates a curled-up tail that can tell you if you are exercising correctly or incorrectly. The tail moves downwards if you exercise correctly.
The first few days of exercise are not very easy and I almost gave up. I have to find a quiet time to avoid being called by the children and having to practise it in bed. The first exercise (beginner's exercise plan) which is the endurance Kegels which target slow twitch muscle fibres. This exercise took me 2 weeks before I moved onto stage 2 vaginal cone. Now I am much better at holding my wee and remember to exercise while I'm weeing on the toilet.

The cone is easy to insert and you won't feel pain or discomfort. They are nicely designed and comes three different attractive colours. I only apply just the right amount of gel to cover the cone so that it won't be too messy.

After moving away from practising in bed, I tried it while wearing baggy pants and while doing housework. It is not easy to do it while moving around. But it is achievable. I do find it quite uncomfortable walking with the tip poking on my underwear. So I much prefer to do in it bed while I can pay more attention to the exercise. In the advanced exercise plan, I am suppose to practise it by squatting, stepping and in the lunge position. Clearly I am not there yet as I have much more to do to improve holding it. The old saying of quality over quantity applies here for the exercises

The only drawback is the indicator clip. It is too small and easily misplaced. It comes off too easily and I stopped using the clip since it is optional anyway.

Overall, these products have helped me improve my pelvic floor. I found that I have not leaked while coughing or laughing. Even if I leak while sneezing, it was not as much as before I began the exercises. The improvements have been gradual and I'm not expecting massive improvements yet as it will take me at least 12 weeks or more to achieve a better result and of course it also depends on your individual body. This is a short term exercise but it will help you in the long run.

I rate this product 4 stars out of 5. I would recommend them to any women who might need to strengthen their pelvic floor. It is affordable and easy to use. It comes in a travel bag which means it is convenient to take with you if you go on holiday! (Posted on 27 July 2013)
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Easy to use vaginal cones! Review by Carol B
Product Rating
Bought these after seeing Embarrassing bodies and I knew I had to do something because pads are just not the answer. I have used them for a few days now and I have the 'knack'. It is not easy and I couldn't get the muscles to work at first, but now I have the technique I am loving it.
Am on with the middle cone so I feel I am making good progress (Im doing it twice a day) even tried the technique on Hubby - he loved it - most impressed. (Posted on 6 June 2013)
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Not sure about this product Review by Aunty
Product Rating
I have difficulty inserting the large one so use the middle or small one and to be honest I can't feel the sqeeze, the indicator doesn't move one way or the other. I know I'm not doing it properly but don't know what else to do. My leaking is not severe but it does happen.

Dear Aunty, I am sorry that you are having a problem 'feeling' the squeeze. Have you followed the latest Kegel8 Vaginal Cones instructions? http://www.kegel8.co.uk/downloads/instructions/en/exercisecones.pdf
The squeeze should start at your bum (as if trying to stop wind) and move to your vagina, you should then squeeze and lift inwards as if sucking in through your vagina. When a cone is in position and you squeeze correctly you will find that the wand/indicator goes down. This shows you that you are 'engaging' or using the correct muscles.
There are some women who find that their muscles are so weak, they have no feeling, or control whatsoever - if you think this might be you I would recommend that you look at an electronic pelvic toner - these 'make' your muscles move, they literally 'fire' the muscles back into action, these are ideal for women who have lost the connection between brain and pelvic floor and it helps them to re-engage their pelvic floor into working correctly.
Please let me know if I can help you further, we really want you to get exercising and help you to get a stronger pelvic floor
Fiona@Kegel8 (Posted on 1 June 2013)
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Thankyou this really works Review by JRP
Product Rating
I have used the kege18 for 4weeks and I find that they have improved my bladder controll by 50% I would recommend that you try these the really work Thankyou (Posted on 7 May 2013)
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Waste of money would not recommend Review by Kat65
Product Rating
Bought these as I wanted something which would teach me manually how to do the exercises rather than an item which did them for me. The tail is quite short so not easy to see that it is moving, but it was. Followed the instructions to find the starter cone which was the small/heavier one. Did the lift and squeeze, could not feel the cone so tried with the middle weight one again still could not tell. Have spoken to a physiotherapist who has shown me how to check that I am doing the exercises correctly without the use of any product. Just feel I wasted £30.

Kegel8 Replies to Kat65 - Dear Kat
I am sorry that you do not feel that the cones have been of help to you. You say that you could not 'feel' the cone, when your pelvic floor is weak you will have reduced sensation, and with regular exercising this will be restored in time. I wonder if your Physiotherapist explained that clinical trials show that exercising against resistance (ie a cone) is clinically proven to be more beneficial than simple 'squeeze and lift' kegel exercises? I would urge you to persevere with the cones - have you seen our new Physiotherapy exercises devised to be used with the cones? (Released April 20th 2013) These are particularly effective and we can send these to you but I can't identify you from your review - please e mail me so we can get these extra exercises to you, they really are particularly useful and beneficial.

We want you to keep exercising, and keep improving the strength of your pelvic floor, and I am concerned that you feel you have wasted your money on the cones. If you want to upgrade to an electronic pelvic toner, or another product in the Kegel8 range please do contact us and we will deduct the cost of the cones from any further purchase. It is vital that you continue to keep exercising to regain the sensation you once had and tp prevent further weakness leading to eventual prolapse. We'd really like to be able to help you. We want all users to be delighted with their Kegel8 purchases and to reap the benefits of a stronger pelvic floor. Please contact us.
Fiona@Kegel8 (Posted on 26 April 2013)
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