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Minima Nickel-Free Short Vaginal Probe


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  1. Minima Short Vaginal Probe
  2. Hypoallergenic, no nickel content, perfect for vaginal use
  3. Gold contact for optimum conductivity
  4. Two large electrodes for optimum results
  5. Purchase this product on its own or with 1 lead wire in the pack size variant below

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SKU: 82606

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Connecting Lead Wires

The Minima may be small, but it will still help you to acheive fantastic results from your Kegel8 (or other) electronic pelvic floor exerciser. The hypoallergenic gold-plated contacts are perfect for those with a nickel intolerance and their large surface area ensures maximum connectivity. The design is neat, compact and easy to insert. Simply connect to your Kegel8 device via your lead wire, and you're ready for a smooth and effective pelvic floor workout.

The Minima probe's unique, small shape makes it extremely comfortable to use, and the shorter length is ideal from women with a lower cervix or prolapse. The large, hemispherical electrodes also make it perfect for use for EMG and biofeedback alongside a physiotherapist.

Purchase this product on its own or with 1 lead wire in the pack size variant option when adding to basket.

*please note this probe is compatible with the Kegel8 Ultra 20 only*

This probe is fitted with 2mm female connectors and is compatible with your Kegel8 device via your leadwire.

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 82606
Brand Sugar International
Can be used with Use with Kegel8 Ultra 20 and Ultra Vitality
Length 6.3cm (2.5 inches)
Diameter 2.5cm (1 inch) at widest point
Can Be Used With Biofeedback Yes
Warranty 3 months against manufacturing defects
Weight (kg) 0.0600
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Comfortable and effective Review by Abbi
Product Rating
Following surgery I have a short vagina this makes using most probes difficult if not impossible, I have previously used the anuform probe - designed for anal use, but because it is small and not too long ideal for my requirements. I was recommended this by my physiotherapist - it is so different to other probes - it is much more powerful to use and I feel that the results I get from using it are far more effective. Definitely recommended to any with similar need. (Posted on 11 January 2013)
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very comfortable product/good muscle contact Review by Sylvia
Product Rating
I have a very wide vagina, and was using one of these on each side alternatively. This seemed ok, but I was advised by one of your staff it would work the muscles too much, and that I should use the perisize. I didn't get on with this so well (see my review for perisize), so I bought another minima to see if it would fit in my vagina at the same time, and it does - about 5mm apart at the bottom. I've been using them together for about the last two weeks on the prolapse programme (because I have a cystocele) and it seems to be doing the trick! Thank you! MUCH more comfortable, and reaching the parts, I think, other probes weren't reaching! But interested to know if you think it is ok to do this? When inserted, the bottom of the probes do sit about 2" from my vaginal opening. (Posted on 12 July 2013)
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Nickel free probe Review by Jamay
Product Rating
I am sorry I cannot be positive about this probe. When I tried it I found it to be very uncomfortable and actually wondered whether there was something faulty with it. It felt like a very sharp pricking sensation so I had to remove it. I have gone back to using my original probe which is much more comfortable. I am thinking of returning it to find out whether it is faulty.

From Kegel8: I am sorry to hear you have not found this probe comfortable. This is very unusual. if you would like to give us a call we can look into the possibility of the probe being faulty and resolve this with you no problem. Thank you for your review. (Posted on 18 February 2013)
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Not a very comfortable experience Review by Woo
Product Rating
This probe came with my new Kegal 8 machine and I did not get on with it at all. I had a similar experience to Jamay above, it was not comfortable and I also got the sharp prickling sensation I have now bought a BEAC Med Perisphera H Perineal Probe and that seems to be much more effective for my body. This one did not seem to be long enough and I find the Perisphera sits better. (Posted on 22 December 2014)
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Brightest stars burn the shortest. Review by Barbara
Product Rating
It feels so wrong to only give this probe 2 stars but that is an overall score. I will explain below.

Comfort: This probe is without a doubt the most comfortable probe I have ever used. It inserts very easily because of it's small size. The shape makes it self-positioning, my body guides it where it wants it to be. The thin soft "tail" lets my body resume it's natural shape/position.

Effectiveness: The flexible positioning of this probe coupled with the large contact surface areas and small total mass has proven to be extremely effective when using sensitivity enhancement programs. The circular electrode shape stimulates both the PC and PR muscles all while stimulating blood-flow throughout the entire vaginal canal, all at the same time.

There is only one but it is unfortunately rather major: The service life is really short. After just over 3 months which is just past K8's warranty, the glue joint between the probe body and the soft tubing of the "tail" failed leaving the hard edge of the probe body exposed. Being that this part of the probe is inside the body during use this failure is a major concern.

For the question: Would you recommend this product to a friend? I had to select "Not sure" Based solely on this: With shipping my total cost is: 34.94 (we live outside of the UK) Using the probe 5 times a week for 3 months 5 x 4 x 3 = 60 uses. Total cost 34.94 divided by uses 60 works out to be .59 per usage. Which over a year works out to be: 139.76. If you are OK with those economics then this probe is awesome.

I don't fault K8 for this, it is clearly a manufacturing/design flaw. (Posted on 16 March 2015)
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Built to fail Review by Nanne
Product Rating
Like Barbara above my probe failed just after the 60 use warranty expired. I can't believe given what I paid for the unit and probe I am being asked to pay again for a probe which will fail again in 2 months time. I think Barbara has the maths spot on. The warranty is a total joke and for that reason I would not recommend this product! Not a happy customer.

Dear Nanne
I am sorry you are unhappy with this probe. The manufacturers recommend 60 uses, I realise this is not a long as many would like, but the gold plating can only be thin and this can wear off over time. What users do find is that with any gold probe the pulses are more intense so this is a really plus for the gold versions, as well as the fact they are perfect for those with nickel allergies.

Thank you for your feedback, it does help other make an informed choice for what's right for them.
Customer Care Team. (Posted on 26 January 2016)
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Product Questions

Is this a good probe to use for a cystocele? I'm looking for a nickel free probe and am wondering which to try. I also have less sensation on one side, so would be interested to know which would be the best with regard to both issues. Thanks.
Since repair surgery, the usual kegal probe does not fit, too wideband long, will this be more appropriate?