Universal TENS 50 x 100mm Reusable Electrode Pads x 4

Universal TENS 50 x 100mm Reusable Electrode Pads x 4

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  • Best quality TENS electrodes with superior conductive adhesive, reactivate with dab of water.
  • High quality means even comfortable impulses with no hot-spots and no nipping
  • Low allergy conductive gel, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Flexible construction, comfortable to use even in awkward areas
  • Larger surface area for better conductivity, fully reusable.

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The 50 x 100mm reusable TENS pads are ultra-high quality designed for your comfort and ease of use. Featuring conductive adhesive that evenly distributes the e-stim impulses safely and effectively. Simply remove from the plastic backing and place onto clean, dry skin. The low-allergy conductive gel helps them stick without causing allergic reactions, and their high-quality design prevents uncomfortable hot spots and nipping. With proper care these reusable electrodes can last up to 4 weeks if used daily. If their adhesiveness starts to decrease, simply dab a bit of water onto the adhesive side of the pad to refresh it. Return the skin pads to the packaging after use and store in a cool, dry place.
Skin electrodes are a great alternative to internal probes for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, pain relief and neuromodulation - that’s calming the nerves.  We only use high-quality medical manufacturers to ensure you get the best experience. This means that they won't pinch or nip the skin with uneven impulses and are 100% safe to use. They provide an even coverage of e-stim impulses to ensure your comfort and safety.

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Good Product
Review by belnium
This is a good product.I have noticed a great change.
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Would recommend
Review by TheRedhead
i would recommended these, I have only used them a couple of times but seem they will last longer than others I have used

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