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Flatus Incontinence

Do you suffer with uncontrollable flatulence? Kegel8 can help

Uncontrollable flatulence is also known as flatus incontinence and is the medical term used to describe uncontrollable gas, wind or 'farts'. It is one symptom of a weak pelvic floor rather than an actual medical condition.

Passing wind or flatus is an everyday occurrence for us all and on average we pass between 400 to 2,000 millilitres of oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane gases daily, mostly without being noticed.

However when the passing of gas becomes excruciatingly noticeable and more worryingly, uncontrollable the embarrassment and humiliation can be quite shattering. Many sufferers report that frequent loo visits to expel any gases can work in the short term, as can limiting the intake of 'windy' fart inducing foods. But what happens when all else fails and a normal bodily function that has gone unnoticed for years becomes a major source of embarrassment preventing social interaction with others or humiliating episodes of awkwardness?

Pregnancy wear and tear to the anal sphincter

It’s a sad fact of life but those lovely babies can take their toll on our body. This is the startling, under-reported fact of pregnancy and childbirth that is all too readily glossed over in the gorgeous baby photos. Studies show that 1:3 women who have a vaginal birth will report suffering with uncontrollable flatulence, this is especially linked to the use of instruments such as forceps or vacuum delivery. These instruments can cause damage to the perineal muscles which results in flatus incontinence. However researchers have found that opting to have a C section cannot protect against flatulence incontinence either.

Maybe you had you babies in your 20's and your body managed to recover as you nursed your babies. Childbirth leaves a ticking time bomb in your pelvic floor and as we age, gain weight or participate in high impact sports it will start to creak (wind and gas), leak (urine) and weaken. With a weak pelvic floor you are vulnerable to prolapse where the pelvic organs drop down out of place causing pain, and a great deal of discomfort. Worst case scenario? The pelvic organs drop out of the vagina and rectum - is that shocking enough? It should be, because prolapse is currently at epidemic proportions affecting 1:2 women aged 50.

Multiple births - how shocking is this?

From a study of 735 women with an average age of 37 years, flatal incontinence affected 25% of respondents during pregnancy and 30% after delivery, with soiling (leaking faeces or bowel incontinence) affecting 10%. The researchers also noted that 'Advancing age was the major risk factor'. Remember the ticking time bomb? Age is a key factor to symptoms of a weak pelvic floor that can eventually manifest themselves as urine incontinence, flatus incontinence and bowel incontinence. Many of us choose to ignore these early signs of pelvic floor weakness and get on with multitasking our families and careers. As we get older, our pelvic floor just can't handle the pressure and incidences of uncontrollable flatulence increase. Sadly we here at Kegel8 can only look longingly at the French healthcare system where a new mothers' pelvic floor is assessed and she is given a course of physiotherapy using NMES(Neuromuscular electrical stimulation such as a Kegel8 Ultra, Tight & Tone or Mother Nurture) to rehabilitate her pelvic floor after childbirth - as standard! We know for a fact that if a woman is strengthened and rehabilitated early after childbirth, she will have a more resilient pelvic floor when she enters her 40's and 50's, this early intervention can prevent the ticking time bomb of pelvic floor problems.

Flatus Incontinence Sufferer

One Woman's Story of Uncontrollable Flatulence

'We were at a BBQ in our friend's garden and Ron and I were talking to his boss and his wife. I started farting and I just couldn't stop. I hadn't got a tummy ache, and I didn't know I had that much wind until it started. It was just awful, I had to excuse myself to go to the toilet and I just kept farting as I walked along. They never spoke to me after that, and I have to say I avoided them too because it was just so crushingly embarrassing. I know farting is a joke for some but not for me, I don't find it funny, I find it depressing. Some people say 'Oh just laugh it off' - I'm sorry, it is disgusting, I am not about to laugh it off it is rude and offensive - particularly to me, let alone to others around me.'

'This completely eroded my self-confidence. I remember thinking that I was 41 and I felt like an old woman, undesirable and unattractive, it really affected my marriage as my self-esteem plummeted.'

'I went to my GP and managed to summon up the courage to ask about the problem. She asked me about my diet and if I was eating too many 'windy' foods that contribute to the uncontrollable wind which I wasn't, I just couldn't control my wind anymore. Luckily she referred me to a Women's Physiotherapist who helped me regain the control. I had tried kegel exercises before and to be honest they just hadn't worked for me but she recommended a Kegel8 Ultra with a special probe and a 12 week training plan with set programmes that work the muscles and literally bring them back to life. That was a real turning point for me, and with her help and guidance I have completely turned this nightmare around.'

Kegel8 user, Ingrid

Ingrid used:
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Uncontrollable Flatulence and Wind - it's no laughing matter

Oh how we laugh that those 'fart jokes'.

Oh no we don't, we are not 7 year old boys; we are grown women who need a helping hand to get our bodies back working as they should!

The ticking time bomb of pelvic floor weakness is your pelvic floor crying out for attention and it will not get stronger on its own, or even with surgery - there are no quick fixes but there is Kegel8 and in just weeks you could regain the control you once had. Ignoring these signs is a recipe for continued embarrassment and discomfort. The muscles in the pelvic floor will respond to NMES (Neuromuscular electrical stimulation) even if they are weak and you are unable to squeeze them and suffer with uncontrollable flatulence and in just 12 weeks you will notice a considerable difference.

This is your chance to get strong, 12 weeks. You put the work in now, to save the embarrassment, pain and discomfort later.

Together with Kegel8 you can regain control