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How To Do Kegel Exercise

Many people are often too embarrassed to ask how to do pelvic floor exercise (or kegels as they are commonly known); women especially, feel they should ‘just know’ how. However, a Kegel8 study revealed to us that 50% of women in the UK alone don’t know how to produce an effective pelvic floor contraction – so trust us, you’re not alone!

Common mistakes

  1. 1 Squeezing your buttocks: it’s important to isolate your pelvic floor muscles and not incorporate other muscles into the contraction like your buttocks or abdominals
  2. 2 Holding your breath: breathe… always breathe. Kegels should not be strenuous or put strain on your body in any way; you should be able to do them in a room full of people without anyone knowing; shhhh.
  3. 3 Lift, don't push: this is an important one; concentrate on lifting the muscles. If you push down you could cause damage to your pelvic floor muscles, putting them under undue pressure.
  4. 4 Giving up: to gain results you can actually feel from manual kegel exercises is the biggest challenge of all and takes dedication and patience. Don’t give up, kegel exercises should be part of your daily routine, not just a phase.
Dr. Dawn

"If you're not exercising them (pelvic floor muscles) the problem is you could start to become incontinent and the problem could get steadily worse... The good news is that if you do exercise them regularly you can prevent it."

Dr. Dawn

Getting it right

How To Perform Kegel Exercises

The above diagram shows hot to do ‘slow kegels’. In addition to this routine, you should also perform ‘fast kegels’; done in exactly the same way but hold your squeeze for just 2 seconds and relax for just 2 seconds.

These two forms of exercising will target the different fibres within your pelvic floor muscles; the slow twitch fibres, which are responsible for controlling your bladder in the long-term, enabling you to ‘hold it’ until you reach a toilet; and your fast twitch muscle fibres which jump into action when your bladder comes under pressure, when you laugh, cough or sneeze for example.

You should carry out a routine of 10 slow kegels and 10 fast kegels, 5 timers per day for a healthy pelvic floor.

When will I see results?

With manual kegel exercises it is anyone’s guess we are sorry to say. Everyone will see results at different times and if you don’t suffer with leaks or other signs of pelvic floor weakness, progress can be difficult to identify. And this is where ‘giving up’ comes in; but with Kegel8 it is easy to keep motivated!

See results

The Kegel8 Trainer is like weighing scales are to your diet; without them you feel like you’re getting nowhere but getting on them every day and watching that number drop with the pounds week on week keeps you going.

The Kegel8 trainer measures your squeeze giving you a Squeeze Scale™ score. Record your progress and watch your Squeeze Scale™ climb as you squeeze! You’ll know you’re doing it right and you’ll know how effective your kegel exercises are!

"The real bonus for me is to be able to see the results of what I am doing on the screen, it really encourages me to squeeze harder and get a higher reading. I am only on level 4 but I actually look forward to using it each time."

Review by happy lady

Get in the Kegel8 habit

This is the biggest hurdle for many of us; finding the time or getting into the habit. So here are some handy tips on how to make your pelvic health a habit:

Kegel Day and Night

Kegel exercises should be an every day essential essential to your health, just like brushing your teeth… so why not do them at the same time, morning and night!

Kegel During the Day

We can spend the majority of a day getting from A to B. Use this time wisely; every time you hit a red light – kegel, every time you’re bus comes to stop – kegel, every time you’re train is delayed – kegel!

Kegel During Daily Activities

You could use your favourite TV programme that you make sure you never miss; kegel during the opening credits, again during the ad breaks and then during the closing credits.

Kegel Whilst Performing Chores

‘Whistle while you work’ – how about kegel while you work? Pick a chore: vacuuming, ironing, pot washing; and kegel while you do it!

These are all options but a simple must is the Kegel8 12 Week Exercise Plan – sign up for FREE and we’ll send you a fortnightly email full of useful tips, pelvic health information and a kegel challenge to really keep you motivated!

Kegel8 Exercise Guide

Don't over-do it

As with all exercise, rest is important; muscle relaxation plays a very important part in building muscle strength and tone. If you don’t relax your muscles entirely they can become tight resulting in debilitating pelvic pain. For this reason, you should practice your ‘relax’ just as much as your ‘squeeze and lift’ to be confident you are resting your muscles effectively.

There is a simpler way...

The same as an ab belt will do for your stomach, an electronic pelvic exerciser will do the work for you! The Kegel8 Ultra 20 is the UKs No. 1 pelvic toner, with clinically proven progammes to ensure your pelvic floor is strong and healthy. Using neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), Kegel8 ensures your kegel exercises are efficient by stimulating your pelvic floor muscles to contract in the right way; and of course, relax. In fact, there’s even a programme designed specifically for relaxation, so if you do suffer with pelvic pain or muscle tightness, Kegel8 can train your muscles to relax and recover.

Dr. Chris Steele

The probe stimulates the muscles - the right muscles in the right way.

Dr. Chris Steele

And here's the best bit...

Clinical studies have shown the stimulation delivered by Kegel8 to be more than twice as effective than manual exercises.

In just 12 weeks you are guaranteed to see results;

You’ll feel tighter and more toned (‘down there’), any leaks you may have once had will now be in your control and you’ll even notice a difference in the bedroom… although usually it will be your partner to notice first!

With the Kegel8 Ultra 20 you can eliminate the doubt and be guaranteed to feel the difference!

Kegel8 Made in Britain

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