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Living With Prolapse

Since the Mesh Surgery Scandal (the most popular operation for prolapse) more and more women are looking into the management of pelvic organ prolapse and how to fix prolapse without surgery. Many women grow to understand that managing and living with prolapse is not a death sentence, irrespective of how utterly devastating the initial diagnosis is. Women are using the emotional pain and agony of prolapse as a springboard to getting a stronger pelvic floor and more importantly to prevent further prolapse too.

The 4 things you need to do right now for your prolapse:


Kegel8 – make Kegel8 your pelvic floor exercise routine and in just 12 weeks you will know what a strong, healthy pelvic floor feels like.


Watch your weight – If you're carrying a few extra pounds then so is your pelvic floor. Losing just 10% of your body weight can result in a 50% increase in pelvic floor strength


Diet –straining to go to the loo is a big pelvic floor no-no. If you find you suffer with constipation, check your eating habits and increase your intake of fibrous foods.


Vitamin D -vitamin D deficiency has been proven to cause muscle weakness. Supplementing with a good quality vitamin D can improve the effectiveness of your pelvic floor exercise

Prolapse exercises that help

Strengthening your pelvic floor is vital to the management of your pelvic organ prolapse and that's where Kegel8 Ultra 20 comes in - with specially designed programmes to help take the pressure of prolapse off your pelvic floor muscles this electronic is perfect for pelvic floor exercises for prolapse.

Hopefully you've heard the Kegel8 Mantra - 'Give us 12 weeks' - we urge you to give us 12 weeks of pelvic floor exercise with Kegel8 and we will give you a substantially stronger pelvic floor. You will be amazed at the results and the improvement you will feel.

As well as exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor using a Kegel8 pelvic toner you will also benefit from exercise that is pelvic floor safe, this means that the exercise you do to strengthen your pelvic floor will not overload it and not put you in danger of further prolapse damage.

Exercises to avoid with prolapse

You understand the importance of weight control, and you want to be active, now is the time to learn what exercises to avoid with prolapse such as:

High intensity exercise such as running
Sit ups, inc. exercise ball sit ups
Double leg raises
Weight lifting, inc. kettle bells, etc.
The plank and some pilates push-ups

Don't get carried away with 'Body Pump', 'Cross Fit' and other high intensity classes, these gym and exercise classes can lure you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to put too much pressure on an already weak pelvic floor - you could worsen an existing prolapse or even cause another. You need to take care of your pelvic floor - not wrap it up in cotton wool and consign yourself to a life of inactivity, and it is vital you understand that you must not overload your pelvic floor. Remember you can modify any exercise to prevent overloading your pelvic floor muscles. Reduce the repetitions; make sure you breathe out when you exert pressure and avoid any exercise that creates too much downward pressure on your pelvic floor.

See how other women just like you have managed their prolapse with Kegel8

It's never too late to manage and, in many cases, even repair prolapse.

At Kegel8 we help women every day to overcome the misery that is their prolapse. What these Kegel8 users have to say could be invaluable to you; these are real women who have suffered the real effects of prolapse – physically and emotionally – and have now taken back control.

Managing your prolapse is easy with Kegel8 - your body deserves it!

A Kegel8 Ultra 20 is not pocket money, we know that. But when it comes to your health you just can't compromise this is time for you to invest in your healthy future and reap the rewards of a strong, in control, pelvic floor. Kegel8 is the UK's best-selling electronic pelvic floor exerciser for a many reasons. Invented, designed and manufactured here in Great Britain, Kegel8 is a registered medical device ensuring quality, credibility and more importantly your safety. What makes Kegel8 really unique is its clinically proven programmes; twenty programmes, specially designed to treat the symptoms of prolapse, stop bladder weakness and strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles... to name a few!

Our 5 star customer service is second-to-none. We don't just sell Kegel8, we are Kegel8, and we're here not just to help you with your purchase but to provide you with ongoing support so you can manage your prolapse and make your pelvic floor strong and healthy again.

Kegel8 Made in Britain

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