Success Stories

Women's Success Stories

Kegel8 can help you deal with women's health issues such as incontinence, prolapse and sexual function; find out how these real women saw huge improvement in their symptoms with our units!


If I didn't put underwear on things would fall out.

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Bladder Weakness

Things came to a head when I wet myself badly twice.

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Pelvic Floor Exercise

I didn't know how to squeeze correctly so I didn't bother.

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Sexual Intimacy

I was off work for 5 weeks and admitted to hospital twice.

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My symptoms made me feel both anxious and depressed.

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Men's Success Stories

The V for Men is amazing at treating incontinence, prostate problems and erectile dysfunction. Don't just take our word for it; read these real men's experiences!

Male Pelvic Health

I thought I'd just pick up where I left off before the op. Wrong!

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