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Pelvic Floor Exercise

A weak pelvic floor can cause all manner of nasty symptoms – find out how these women beat prolapse and incontinence with Kegel8

Watch to hear Anna’s experience of treating pelvic floor weakness with Kegel8


Pattie's Story

Pattie had a weak pelvic floor that left her with stress incontinence

I didn’t know how to squeeze correctly so I didn’t bother.

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Caroline's Story

Caroline had the start of a prolapse but she didn’t notice the symptoms.

If I didn’t put underwear on things would fall out.

Read Caroline’s story >>

Suzanne's Story

Suzanne needed to exercise her failing pelvic floor

Being told my pelvic floor was like an 80 year olds was enough.

Read Suzanne's story >>

Lee's Story

Lee had very poor pelvic floor strength

I feel more confident and have even noticed my tummy has reduced.

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Lisa's Story

Lisa had tried months of manual Kegels

I wish I had bought one sooner.

Read Lisa's story >>

Dr Smith's Story

Dr Smith was shocked to learn she had vaginal wall weakness

Kegel8 should be a part of every woman's 'health box'.

Read Dr Smith's story >>

Theresa's Story

An operation left Theresa without feeling or control of her bowel

I wish I had heard about Kegel8 fifty years ago.

Read Theresa's story >>


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Share your success story

Sharing the experiences of those who've used Kegel8 helps us demonstrate the effectiveness of our products, so that we can reach more people who need us.

In the UK one in 3 women suffer with stress incontinence, and 50% of women over 55 will have some form of prolapse

We know our products work but there are still barriers to people seeking help. Your story can help us demonstrate the value Kegel8 through personal testimony; a very powerful way of encouraging others to seek a solution to their problems and by doing this we can encourage more people to use Kegel8.

If you’d like to share your story or to find out more, please get in touch: [email protected]