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A pelvic organ prolapse is such an uncomfortable condition to suffer from. Hear how these women were able to treat theirs using Kegel8 Electronic Pelvic Floor Toners.


Carly's Story

Carly had two children within 11 months, resulting in a severe prolapse

Looking after my little ones all day resulted in my prolapse getting worse.

Read Carly's story >>


Tracy's Story

Tracy thought her symptoms were just part of having 2 children

Basically, my pelvic floor had given way.

Read Tracy's story >>

Caroline's Story

Caroline had the start of a prolapse but she didn't notice the symptoms

If I didn't put underwear on things would fall out.

Read Caroline's story >>

Sherryl's Story

Sherryl was shocked to find she had 2nd – 3rd degree prolapse.

I went to my doctor, I was horrified and terrified.

Read Sherryl's story >>

JS’s Story

JS had just retired and was looking forward to doing all sorts of things

It made me feel uncomfortable all day and less of a woman.

Read JS’s story >>

Terry's Story

Terry went through a bad birth and suffered for 38 years

I had a horrible, dragging down feeling.

Read Terry's story >>

Gillian's Story

Gillian went through a hysterectomy

Two major surgical procedures took their toll on my pelvic floor.

Read Gillian's story >>

Lindsey's Story

Lindsey was told she was prolapsing

At the age of 39 it was quite a shock.

Read Lindsey's story >>

Dr Smith's Story

Vaginal wall weakness and a rectocele gave Dr. Smith pelvic pain and bowel problems

I am 39 years old, have no children, have never been pregnant and have obviously never delivered.

Read Dr Smith's story >>

Valerie's Story

A bulging feeling stopped active Valerie

I have had a rectocele for some time and had noticed increased discomfort.

Read Valerie's story >>

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Sharing the experiences of those who've used Kegel8 helps us demonstrate the effectiveness of our products, so that we can reach more people who need us.

In the UK one in 3 women suffer with stress incontinence, and 50% of women over 55 will have some form of prolapse

We know our products work but there are still barriers to people seeking help. Your story can help us demonstrate the value Kegel8 through personal testimony; a very powerful way of encouraging others to seek a solution to their problems and by doing this we can encourage more people to use Kegel8.

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