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Kegel8 Troubleshooting - Questions About Kegel Exercising

Q How often should I use the Kegel8 Pelvic Toner?

Initially we recommend you use the Kegel8 Pelvic Toner once a day for 12 weeks, however we know some of you are desperate for results due to prolapse or other medical condition, so you can use it twice a day, ideally night and morning. Always leave 8 hours between treatments for your muscles to fully recover. Exercising a tired pelvic floor will not make it strong! You'll find that if you use the KE Gel it actually helps to make your Kegel8 exercising even more effective. You can use your Kegel8 Pelvic Toner during your period if you wish, and it is a great way to relieve menstrual cramps and period pain.

After your initial 12 week daily pelvic exercise routine you can move onto a maintenance programme, that's exercising a couple of times a week. Some women who have a particularly weak pelvic floor continue using it daily until they are much stronger.

Kegel8 Pelvic Exercise for prolapse

Q. I can't get the mA's past 6, 7 or 8, 9, 10, 11.

If you do not get proper contact with the probe you will find that you cannot increase the mA's up to a suitable level to start your pelvic exercise, or your unit will cut out and stop. The mA's will go to 6, 7 or 8, 9, 10, 11 but no higher, it will then return to zero, or switch off the Kegel8 Pelvic Toner. This is a cut-off device and it means that you are not getting direct contact with the electrode, or the metal part of the probe at all times. The probe must maintain contact with your pelvic floor muscle at all times to exercise it properly. If this happens with your machine, it is not a machine fault; it is probe positioning that is at fault.

What do you need to do?

  1. Make sure the probe is inserted as far as possible. You might like to wear Sloggies or some tight pants to make sure it remains in place, or a tight pair of trousers.
  2. Make sure the metal parts of the probe (the electrodes) are facing hip to hip when the probe is inserted vaginally or anally.
  3. If this is happening with the Kegel8 (tubular) probe, you might want to consider trying the wider lighter Periform plus probe or the nickel free Perisize probe.
  4. Try not to move around too much as this may displace the probe.
  5. Adjust your seating position; sit with your buttocks tightly together as if trying to hold in wind.
  6. Conductivity is also improved by using the lubricant provided, it is water based, and body friendly and you'll get better results.

Q. What are mA's?

mA is the shortened term of milliampere, 1mA is one thousandth of an Ampere (A) which is used to measure the amount of electric charge. The higher the mA's the stronger the Kegel8 pelvic toner workout.

Keep it comfortable, but aim to feel a strong contraction in your kegel or pelvic floor muscles.

Q. How should I insert the probe?

The vaginal probe needs to be inserted just 2 inches (5.5 cm)into the vagina this is the optimum level to stimulate your pelvic floor muscle. Insert it in as far as possible, make sure the electrodes (that's the metal bit) are facing hip to hip. You might find it helpful to wear a pair of tight pants such as Sloggies or even tight trousers. Keep the probe in place at all times or the machine will cut out and fail to increase the mA's (intensity).

Q. Can I use the Kegel8 if I have an IUD or Mirena coil fitted?

Yes. The Mirena is plastic so not problems there. Any IUD containing copper is unaffected by the Kegel8 and STIM so no problems there either.

Q. Can I use my Kegel8 Pelvic Toner when I have a period (menstruating)?

You can use your Kegel8 during your period if you wish, and it is a great way to relieve menstrual cramps and period pain as well as strengthening your pelvic floor at the same time.

Q. Can I use the Kegel8 Electronic Pelvic Toner whilst pregnant?

NICE Clinical guidelines advise against using any STIM machines vaginally during pregnancy unless under medical supervision.

Q I Can't Feel my Kegel8 Pelvic Toner - Is it working?

You need to adjust the mA's button, that's the plus button (+) on probe side to increase the intensity, until you can feel it 'pulse' your muscles.

Increase the mA's until you can feel your pelvic floor muscles contracting. When you do the hand test you'll find you can only go up to about 8mA's, vaginally you can go a lot higher but make sure you keep it comfortable, but get a strong muscle contraction. Kegel8's actually go to a maximum of 90mA's.

Increase the mA's - remember the stronger the pull, the stronger the exercise the minimum level of mAs you should work to with a vaginal probe is 30.

Q. I aim to have my mA's on 40 but on some programmes it drops to 30, why is that?

When the programme goes through its preset routine the pulse width and pulse length varies, when the pulse rate and length increase the mA's drop so that the intensity does not take you by surprise! So if you feel a decrease in intensity increase the mA's back up to a level that you can feel working.

Q. How soon after giving birth can I start with my Kegel8 Pelvic Toner?

Consult with your Midwife or Doctor. Generally women feel happy to start after a successful six week check-up.

Q. I have just had pelvic floor surgery, how soon can I start to use the Kegel8?

Consult with your Doctor or Consultant, every case is different, but the Kegel8 could help to speed your recovery. Stress Incontinence, and prolapse is usually a sign of a weak pelvic floor, so if you have had an operation to help with either of these conditions you will still need to strengthen your muscle structure and Kegel8 is an ideal way to do this. Using the Kegel8 Pelvic Toner will help you to recuperate after pelvic surgery and it could also improve the surgery results. Check with your Doctor or physiotherapist when it is suitable for you to start exercising again, and take it steady. Little and often is the key, and make Kegel8 part of your daily routine - just like cleaning your teeth.

Q I find it painful inserting the probe?

Use the lubricant, this isn't supplied just to help make insertion easier, it also helps with the conductivity of the electronic pulses. The better conductivity the more the pelvic floor muscles will be exercised and the more mA's you'll be able to achieve. If you are menopausal you could be suffering from vaginal atrophy, this causes vaginal dryness, thinning of the vaginal membrane and great discomfort. If the lubricant does not help, your Doctor can prescribe a course of oestrogen cream, use this for the recommended time, and then re commence using the Kegel8. Remember the pelvic floor needs to be exercised, do not be put off by vaginal atrophy, there are easy solutions for all women to overcome this painful condition.

Q. Why are there two channels?

Channel A (left hand side) is generally used for a vaginal probe, Channel B on the right hand side is generally used for an anal probe. If you have suffered from an anal prolapse please telephone us and we can help you with a customised programme for your condition, a selection of anal probes are also available.

The Perisize nickel free probe uses both channels. This is because some women find that they have suffered with nerve denervation (nerve damage, lack of sensation on one side) following childbirth or surgery. By using the perisize probe you will find that you are able to have different levels of intensity on either side. So, if you have lack of sensation on the left hand side, you can increase the mAs to a level that you can feel, Stimulation to the muscles like this can cause neuroregeneration - regrowth or repair of the nerves giving you back sensation.

You can also use skin electrodes with your Kegel8; these high quality skin electrodes can be used outside the body to help strengthen muscles even further.

Q How do I clean my probe?

Simply rinse the probe part under the tap or spray with KE Klean antibacterial cleanser, keeping the wires dry at all times. Do not boil the probe. If you want to use the same probe vaginally to anally this is OK, but always thoroughly clean it because bacteria can transfer from the anus.

Q Why can I only feel the stimulation on one side?

Either - You do not have proper connectivity with the probe you need to adjust your exercising position, ensuring the probe touches both sides of the vagina/muscle wall. If your vagina has been stretched through childbirth and you are not feeling the probe on both sides, you need to sit with your legs tightly together, squeezing your pelvic floor as much as you can against the probe.

Or - If connectivity is not the problem, you may have experienced nerve damage - this is common with natural childbirth and a result of nerve damage from your baby's head. There are probes you can use which you can increase one side stimulation more than the other have a look at the Perisize Vaginal Probe it is nickel free and can be controlled from both channels (A and B) for a really intense work out. Don't forget the lubricant such as KE Kegel Exercise Gel to add greater conductivity.

Q I can't find an answer to my question?

Give us a call, we have personal experience of the Kegel8 and if we can't answer it, the medical manufactures will.


You'll find more questions and answers here;

90 thoughts on “Kegel8 Troubleshooting - Questions About Kegel Exercising”

  • cindy brown


    I can't get past 6, have followed all your advice. :(

    Please see our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions Section). If you can't get above 6 it means you do not have proper connectivity with the probe. Please follow the guidance in FAQs (Go to Support and into Your Questions) - if you have any other queries please do telephone our UK helpline, or e mail us your telephone number and we will call you at a convenient time.
    [email protected]
    01482 496932

  • Kirsty

    Hi. I have the Kegel Ultra and just want to clarify that the probe should be the metal sides facing outwards to the left and right? Is that correct? Or should it be front to back?

  • Stephanie Taylor

    Hi Kirsty - thanks for your question. Yes if you have electrodes (the metal, conductive part) running either side of the probe these should be positioned hip to hip - so the metal parts of the vaginal probe face towards your hips. Some probes have electrodes that run around the probe in a cylindrical way, this can be used for all round toning. Hope this helps. [email protected]

  • Diane

    Use the Perform plus probe But suddenly can't get mas past 29, any tips?

  • Heather Lindley
    Heather Lindley 21/10/2013 at 13:02

    Hi Diane,
    It sounds to me as though the probe is not making proper connectivity with your vaginal walls. If you could email our customer services on [email protected] or give us a call on 01482 496932 we would be happy to talk you through some ways to try to combat this.
    Best wishes
    [email protected]

  • Sharlotte briscoe
    Sharlotte briscoe 02/11/2013 at 20:51

    Am I able to use an electronic pf exerciser if I have a copper coil?

  • Heather Lindley
    Heather Lindley 05/11/2013 at 09:47

    Dear Sharlotte,

    Our Kegel8 electronic devices are perfectly suitable to use if you have a copper coil and will not affect it in any way.

    Best wishes
    [email protected]

  • sophie

    Hi there, on the right side I can get up to 70/80 ma but only ever to 9 on the left side. its inserted properly as far as I can tell, and I have been using the lube, crossing my legs tightly etc! can you help?

  • Heather Lindley
    Heather Lindley 24/02/2014 at 10:59

    Hi Sophie,

    Thank you for your question. Please could you let me know which probe it is that you are using? Are you using a probe like the Perisize probe that plugs into both channels of your machine? If you are using a standard probe that just plugs into one side of your machine, then this probe should be plugged into Channel A of your Kegel8 (the channel on the left if you look at your machine from the front), and you only need to increase the mAs on this channel.

    If you could please let me know what probe you are using, I will be able to offer you some further advice. I hope this helps.

    Best wishes,
    [email protected]

  • sophie


    I think my top wall in my vagina has collapsed will kegel8 fix this and which programme should I use?
    Thank you

  • Rachel

    Today whilst using program 7 on my Kegel 8 tight and tone, my left leg kept twitching and I couldn't control it. I tried straightening my legs but that just caused it to twist round and release in tine with the pulsing. How can I avoid this I in future, it was quite unnerving!

  • Emma

    Hi Sophie
    We get great feedback from women telling us that Kegel8 has improved and even rectified their prolapse and in turn changed their lives. Everyone is different, a prolapse is graded on severity, but the Kegel8 Ultra 20 does have fantastic results for women suffering from a prolapse. The Kegel8 Ultra 20 has a prolapse programme which has been clinically developed, tested and proven to work. Please feel free to give us a call if you are still unsure but the Kegel8 Ultra 20 could really help you. Best wishes and good luck Sophie.

  • Emma

    Hi Rachel
    I can appreciate your concern this is nothing to worry about; just a natural nerve reflex. You need to check the positioning of your probe - 1. the electrodes should be facing your hips, 2. ensure the probe is inserted far enough - roughly the first two inches of your vagina. If you are unsure, please give us a call. We can then troubleshoot with you based on your personal circumstances. Best wishes Rachel

  • Ruthie

    Hi! I have the kegel8 ultra 20, turned up to 50.
    I can feel the tapping, But I'm not sure if I can feel muscles contracting.. If I go any higher, I get a dull ache..

  • Emma

    Hi Ruthie - each programme varies as to the sensation you will feel. I am not sure which programme you are using but the tapping you describe is exactly right for many of the programmes. You you feel any ache or discomfort your mAs are too high too and you will not get the nest results from your Kegel8. Keep Kegel8-ing!

  • karen

    My mum has nerve damage. This has cause loss of all sensation and urges and has left her incontinent. Can a kegel machine help?

  • Emma

    Hi Karen - absolutely the Kegel8 can help your mum. The Ultra 20 would be the unit for her as if offers clinically proven programmes to address all the symptoms your mum is experiencing and more. In addition to addressing her symptoms your mum would really benefit from the general pelvic floor workout programmes on the Kegel8 Ultra 20 too. There is a really useful Quick Start guide with the Ultra 20 that will give your mum great guidance on the best programmes for her and how to use them. I hope you have found this useful Karen, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you or your mum have any further questions.

  • angela

    I've been using my kegal8 for six weeks, morning and evening then last night it dropped from 48ma's to 6ma's and would'nt go back to 48ma on any of the programs i use. I cleaned the probe, which is the one with the electrodes all round, put on some more lube, i'm using KY, but still it woul'nt go past 6ma. I checked it was in channel A and i lay down but i've never experienced this before and i was half way through program 15 when it suddenly dropped.

  • Sarah Collins
    Sarah Collins 23/03/2015 at 09:45

    Dear Angela,
    Thank you for your question, it sounds like the connection between the probe and the vaginal walls.
    If you do not have effective contact with your muscles and the metal electrode parts of the probe, you will find that you cannot increase the mAs up to a suitable level to exercise effectively. All of our electronic Kegel8s are automatically programmed to cut out if you do not have effective contact.
    More information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page:
    I hope this helps,
    [email protected]

  • mona

    Does this makes your vagina tighter to have better sex life.

  • Sarah

    A Kegel8 works electronically to exercise the muscles making them firmer and more responsive, this will give the sensation of tightness and generally we find that a partner will notice the improvements before a woman does (if you see what I mean!). A stronger healthier pelvic floor makes women more sexually responsive and it also helps a man to keep his erection during lovemaking, sadly when a pelvic floor is weak and there is a loss in muscle strength sensation is reduced for both, Kegel8 makes a real difference! Astoundingly so! See this article that appeared in the Times

  • Jacqueline e
    Jacqueline e 26/09/2015 at 12:32

    I used to feel really strong contractions and was working at 90 each day. Now at 90 they are much fainter. I've got the positioning same as always and am using a slight amount of gel as always. New batteries too. What am I doing wrong??

  • Emma

    Hi Jacqueline - thank you for your query. We will email you directly with some trouble shooting directly relevant to your situation.

  • Ella

    Hi i received my kegal8 ultra 20 yesterday. I purchased this as I have a prolapse. I have used it 3 times now. I did the programme 1 sensitivity test with no problems. I then did programme 2 later on in the evening the first 30 mins was pulsating and relaxing then the next 30 mins was continuous contracting of the muscle with no relaxing, it felt very uncomfortable I had to turn the amps down to 14. Whereas on programme 1 I had the amps up to 40. That night after doing programme 2 my prolapse actually felt worse and I had some stress incontinence which never happens to me. So this evening I thought I would try programme 14 for prolapses and the same thing is happening it's just continuos contracting of the muscle with no relax. I was not able to finish the programme (turned it off after a few mins). Is this suppose to happen??

  • Emma

    Hi Ella - this is nothing to worry about and simply a case of a little too much too soon. You have tired your muscles and this is the reason for your prolapse feeling worse. Start out slow and listen to your body. It is very tempting to do multiple programmes per day and ramp the mAs as high as you can withstand in the hope of getting faster results but this isn't the case. Rest and recovery is just as important as the exercise itself and it is during the rest period that muscles fibres actually build their strength. Stick with 1 programme per day, once your strength begins to build you will be able to do 2 programmes per day if you wish but still be sure to leave significant rest time between programmes (approx. 8 hours). If at any time you come to exercise your muscles feel tired and ache, simply stop the programme and allow more rest time.
    The mAs must always feel comfortable in order to see the best results from your exercising. This level will vary from programme to programme due to the varying parameters each programme is set to; you may even need to adjust your mAs throughout a programme as it shifts between phases and this is fine too. Just be sure you can feel the contractions and with no discomfort.
    I hope this helps Ella but please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions. We have a live chat facility on the website as well as a very helpful and understanding customer service line which operates Monday-Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm

  • catherine birch

    Iv`e been told that my incomplete bowel emptying is due to a combination of age & damage from childbirth many years ago. Will using the kegel restore nerve function?

  • Emma

    Hi Catherine - yes, the Kegel8 Ultra 20 is the unit you need as it has clinically proven programmes to restore nerve function. I would also strongly recommend using a Squatty Potty (www.squattypotty.co.uk) to prevent further damage to the pelvic floor through straining. The Squatty Potty is a toilet stool which works by elevating your feet, positioning your body into a squat position as nature intended for easier and complete elimination. I hope this has helped Catherine. Please do not hesitate to contact us on our live chat service or give us a call if you have any further questions.

    Best wishes


  • Marian

    Managed to use programme constant pulsing no rest pull on muscle three times felt OK panicked when felt a very hard pull and switched off. Am I doing anything wrong.

  • Emma

    Hi Marian - I think what you are experiencing is a change in the phase of the programme; each phase can feel quite different and you will need to adjust the mAs in accordance with this. For example, phase 1 you may be comfortable exercising at 50mAs, phase 2 you may need to drop to 30mAs, phase 3 you may need to increase back up to 50mAs. Each programme is very different of course but this is to give you an idea of how different the phases can feel. So all you need to do is decrease and increase your mAs in accordance to what you are feeling.
    I hope this has helped Marian. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

  • Charlotte

    I used to feel really strong contractions and was working at 90 each day. Now at 90 they are much fainter. I've got the positioning same as always and am using a slight amount of gel as always. New batteries too. What am I doing wrong??

  • admin

    Hi Charlotte,
    It could be the variety with the time of the month, some times we ‘feel’ more sensation, others we feel less. If you are doing the same programme then there should be no immediate reason for this.
    I wonder what probe you are using? Let me know more, email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to help try to find a solution for this.

  • Louise

    Hi I have got the kegal 8 today and unsure what programs I should have it on? I want to enjoy sex more as I don't feel the same down there as I once did please help think I might have changed the hz by accident what should it all be on? Does it really matter? Thanks an unsure 35 year old x

  • Rebecca

    Hi Louise,

    Thank you for your query. For the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality unit we suggest alternating between PC2 and P09. The PC2 is specifically designed to help with intimate sensation whilst the P09 programme is a Pelvic Floor work out that will help tone your muscles and further enhance the work of the PC2 programme. As for the Hz, it is possible to change these but requires a bit of fiddling, so it's very dependent on the buttons you have pressed. The Hz are located in the top right hand corner of the screen and change depending on the phase and the programme. I've attached the link to the Ultra Vitality User Manual for you http://www.kegel8.co.uk/downloads/instructions/en/OPH200-OM-EN12_A88_booklet.pdf as well as a link to our FAQ's for you. http://www.kegel8.co.uk/articles/support/faqs.html
    If you have any further queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact either our customer services team on 01482 496 932 or e-mail myself directly at [email protected]
    I hope this helps

  • Maria

    I have a prolapse. Will a Kegel probe help my condition?

  • Jacqui

    hi, I can't seem to find any details on which programme to use for vaginal prolapse? Some people have mentioned a Quick Start up guide, but I did not receive one. Please can you advise which to use?

  • Johan Wallace
    Johan Wallace 21/12/2016 at 23:39


    Is it safe to use the device daily for more than 12 weeks
    I was using it for grade 1 prolapse and using P14 and P3 as recommended for 12 weeks I have now started P5 it says to use 2-3 times a week but is it okay to still use it daily.

  • Ceri Anson
    Ceri Anson 04/01/2017 at 10:44

    Dear Johan,

    Thank you for your question. Yes, of course if you feel you feel you would benefit from the daily use of the Kegel8 please continue. The more you use it (max twice a day) the stronger you will get. As you have a prolapse your main aim should be maintaining it so it does not get worse and preventing further organs from prolapsing. These further pointers will help too: http://www.kegel8.co.uk/articles/prolapse/living-with-prolapse.html

    Here to help
    Customer Services

  • Ceri Anson
    Ceri Anson 04/01/2017 at 10:51


    If you are using an Ultra 20 then we would recommend programme 14 or 15. I am very sorry to hear that you didn't receive a Quick Start guide; you can access a PDF version of it here:http://www.kegel8.co.uk/downloads/instructions/en/9475-IFUS.pdf . If there is anything else we can do to help, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team who are all very knowledgeable on this subject - they can be reached on 01482 496932.

  • Ceri Anson
    Ceri Anson 04/01/2017 at 10:56

    Hello Maria,

    Thank you for your question. Yes, the Kegel8 Ultra 20 Pelvic Toner can be used for both moderate and severe prolapses. You would need to use programme 14 or 15 for 6-12 weeks; it will help to improve your symptoms and stop it from worsening. If you have any other questions please call out customer service team as they are experts on this condition - they can be reached on 01482 496932.

  • Sonia

    Hi, I used my Kegel 8 Ultra 20 for the first time yesterday. I suffer with weeing during the night, running to the toilet and just making it and some bowel incontinence. After using it I could feel my heart beating faster and wondered if it was ok - only did the one session. Also is it only the 2 programs for bowel incontinence?

  • Ceri Anson
    Ceri Anson 02/02/2017 at 09:46


    Yes, there are just the 2 programmes for bowel incontinence - P16 and P17.

    We would recommend that you use P03 or P10 to help with the nighttime urination and you can use P16 or P17 depending on how severe your bowel symptoms are. These are to be used once per day on alternative days. For example: Monday p03, Tuesday p10, Wedneday p16 or p17 etc This will give you the best results. This is a 12 week programme, so after the 12 weeks you can use P05 (Weekly Maintenance) or continue with the programme but move onto the next ones, e.g. P03 to P04 and P10 to P11.

    In regards to your heart beating faster - how high are you increasing the MAs to and do you sit down while exercising? The MAs should be strong but not uncomfortable or painful. You may find it quicker to talk to one of our customer service advisors over the phone about this; they can be reached on 01482 496932 from 8-6 on weekdays and 10-3 on Saturdays.

  • Louise Heffernan
    Louise Heffernan 19/02/2017 at 11:23


    I have the Kegel 8 tight & tone. Which is the best programme to use for better sensation during intercourse but also to improve bladder control.

  • Ceri Anson
    Ceri Anson 24/02/2017 at 12:10


    The best programme for sexual sensation is P07, while P03 will help with bladder control. To treat two conditions at once you should use the programmes on alternate days, e.g. Monday P07, Tuesday P03, Wednesday P07, etc. This will give you good results for both symptoms.

  • Chris

    Hi, I have moderate prolapse and urge incontinence and have been using the Kegel8 Ultra 20 for about 7 days. But I am suffering with lower backache is this normal? Or am I doing something wrong. Also which is the correct programme for me?

  • Ceri Anson
    Ceri Anson 21/03/2017 at 13:00


    Some women find that they experience lower back ache or lower stomach pain when they first start using the Kegel8. This can be the muscles aching as they haven't been worked in a while, and usually eases off over 5 -10 days. Just make sure to only use your Kegel8 once per day and are make sure the MAs are strong but not uncomfortable - you should stay below 50 MAs for at least the first 4 weeks then gradually build up.

    I would recommend using P15 for 3 days and then P03 for 2 days, repeating this pattern for 12/14 weeks.

  • Lissa

    I have been using the kegel8 ultra for ajust over a month now and made fast progress.

    Week 1 I was at 30ma
    Week 2 at 40ma
    Week 3 at 50
    Week 4 at 70
    Week 5 at 80

    I noticed a huge improvement in my prolapse within 7-days. The bludging totally disappeared and no pulling sensation but Iv still not noticed any difference in tightness.

    what happens when I get the ma's to 90 and still no improvement in tightness?

  • admin

    Hello Lissa,

    Thank you for sending over your query and were very pleased to see your making excellent progress with your Kegel.

    As you use the Kegel your muscles build up a tolerance to the stimulation and you need to increase the Ma's higher and higher. This is a natural process but once you reach 90 and have built up the tolerance to 90 Ma's it doesn't mean to say the Kegel won't be as effective and provide any further results.

    At 90 Ma's your muscles will be being stimulated very intensely and you will be getting a great workout so as long as the probes correctly positioned and the unit is running as normal, there is no need to worry as further improvements are possible and the Kegel will still continue to help strengthen your pelvic floor.

    On average results, can take 12-16 weeks to start to appear but on occasion it may longer for some areas to see improvements then others so please keep with your exercise plan until you are happy with the results.

    If you need any help or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team on 01482 496932. Were always happy to help.

  • dawn

    Hi ive used kegel8 tight and tone twice. I bought it because I have really strong urge incontinence. Im either amazed or worried as the strong urge has completely gone but I don't seem to be passing a lot of water . Can the kegel8 cause bladder retention?

  • Ceri Anson
    Ceri Anson 03/04/2017 at 12:15


    There's no need to worry; your Kegel8 will not cause bladder retention. It may help you to record your symptoms in our bladder diary - http://www.kegel8.co.uk/blog/2016/12/09/incontinence-bladder-diary/ If you need something to compare yourself to, the average person pees around 5-8 times a day and can go for 3-4 hours without needing the toilet.

    Thank you,


  • Emily Sykes
    Emily Sykes 17/05/2017 at 20:53

    Hi, I'm using the kegel8 ultra 20 for anterior prolapse, I've read to insert the probe 2 inches but I'm having trouble with it slipping down close to the opening due to the prolapse? Will it still work?

  • Daisy

    Hi, I am 30 and have been using the kegal8 tight and tone for two weeks. My goal is to feel tighter when having sex. I put my MAs up to 90 and they stay there, but I feel like I want to put them higher as sometimes the contractions feel very weak at 90MA. I used to feel the contractions kick in at 20MA but now I can't feel them come in until 40MA. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

  • Tiara Houston
    Tiara Houston 23/05/2017 at 01:40

    Hi I bought the legal 8 tight and tone before I even realized there's different legal 8 for different promblems but my problem was being loose after giving birth to 6 kids I wanted it to be tighten down there will the tight nd tone help that I figured cause it said tight and tone it would lol I'm not sure but I been using it since the 6th of this month nd I wanna say I notice a oil very little difference I don't know if it's me or my head thinking it's legal 8 but lately when I have sex I can actually start feeling the penis so did I buy right kegal 8

  • Victoria

    Hi, I have the tight and tone. I want to work on my mild stress incontinence and to improve the tightness of my pelvic floor for sexual intercourse. Which programmes should I use? I have the probe that it came with and it is comfortable but will any of the other probes be more effective for my needs?
    Many thanks

  • Samantha Stevens-Clay
    Samantha Stevens-Clay 29/05/2017 at 21:34

    I'm having a problem with the probe constantly twisting so it's turned to the side. (which can be painful sometimes). I put it in and try to stay as still as possible and it STILL turns. I have no idea why. I'm constantly checking it/worried that its turned.

  • Laura Hague

    Hi, Occasionally this can happen, the muscles are weak so struggle to hold the probe in place and the prolapse may also be pushing against the probe. Only use a small amount of gel-just enough to coat the gold strips for the connectivity. Lie down on the bed with a couple of pillows under your bottom as this will help to tilt the prolapse back making it easier to keep the probe in place. If you need any further advise please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on 01482 496932

  • Laura Hague

    Hi, 90 ma’s is high to start out on. We would usually recommend staying below 50 Ma’s for at least the first 4 weeks and then gradually building up. Running the machine too high may cause muscle fatigue so we need to try and avoid this by having a gradually build up. As you build your muscles up you will find that you can push the Ma’s up higher. Are you using the exercise gel? This helps with the connectivity so it is advisable to use it every time you use the Kegel8, just a small pea sized amount on the electrodes of the probe. Check the positioning of the probe, if you push it too high you won’t feel it working correctly. The probe sits within the first two inches of the vagina. If you need any further help please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on 01482 496932

  • Laura Hague

    Hi, The Kegel8 Tight & Tone will tone the muscles up and can also help to improve sensation. For maximum results use it very day for at least 12/14 weeks. I would recommend that you use P07-lack of sensation and alternate this with P08-the pelvic floor workout-this one will tone the muscles. The Ma’s should feel strong but not uncomfortable, over time you will build these up. Please feel free to give our customer service team a call if you have any more questions on 01482 496932

  • Laura Hague

    Hi, I would recommend that you alternate between P03-stress Incontinence and P08 the full pelvic floor workout. Use the Kegel8 once a day every day for at least 12/14 weeks. The Ma’s should feel strong but shouldn’t be uncomfortable, over time you will build these up.
    The Kegel8 glide is one of our newer probes, http://www.kegel8.co.uk/kegel8-glide-gold-vaginal-probe-11207.html
    It’s gold plated so suitable if you have a nickel allergy but also the gold plates mean it will conduct the current stronger. It has a slightly wider design so gives a better contact with the vaginal walls. Hope this helps. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to give our customer service team a call on 01482 496932

  • Laura Hague

    Hi, Occasionally this can happen, it’s down to muscle weakness. As your muscles tone up you will find it stays in the correct position. Be careful with how much gel you apply-too much will make it easier for the probe to turn around. You only need a small pea sized amount on the electrode part of the probe for the connectivity. Try sitting up in a chair whilst exercising as this can help the probe stay in the correct position.
    Hope this helps. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on 01482 496932

  • Lee

    Using for 3 weeks now. Once a day around 40ma.
    I have always been able to stop mid flow but now I can't? Also went swimming and had water leaking out for about half an hour after.
    Do muscles get worse before they get better? A bit concerned.
    Using for mild prolapse and tightening. Been alternating between pc02, p9, and p3.

  • Rebecca

    Hi there, just wondering if you can receive permanent nerve damage from using the probes? I've been using it for a few months now and for some reason it's gone a bit numb. I just wanted to know whether it can be fixed or not.

  • Hk

    Hi I am considering training whilst hula hooping and doing squats (expecting probe launches with squats). Started today. Is this a good idea as i have not seen any literature about this? I read that holding your abs in was not a recommendation with the device but hula hooping and squats this is advised to improve form. I want to get as many angles as possible to improve my life. I have had the device for 10 years now so the old advice may be dated.

  • Laura

    My gut feeling would say concentrate on doing one thing really well. I have seen electrical stimulation done with biofeedback on a screen to show which muscles are being utilised in different positions but this is supervised and guided by a Physiotherapist and a lot of expensive machinery. Ideally hoola hoop, squat, work on posture, and Kegel8 but give each the attention it deserves. Make sure you follow correct diagrammatic breathing to maximise the results. Take a look at this https://www.facebook.com/Kegel8/posts/1520870734598235. Kind regards Stephanie.

  • Sandra

    Hi there, I have the kegal 8 ultra 20. I hope this question doesn't sound too stupid but when inserting the probe, should the 'scoop' side of the probe be facing up so I see this when inserting or should it be facing downward so I see the two gold sides when inserting?
    Hope you can help

  • Anne Majury
    Anne Majury 16/07/2017 at 14:28

    I recently bought the Kegel8 Ultra20 because I suffer from urine retention and read on the internet that the Kegal8 ultra20 would be of benefit to me, but I can't find a programme to use for this condition. Is there any way the Kegal8 ultra20 can help or have i wasted my money

  • Laura

    Hi Sandra, it is not a stupid question at all, we are here to help. The scoop shape side should be facing downwards with the gold edges facing hip to hip, I hope this helps, please do not hesitate to contact us for anything that you are not certain about, kind regards Laura

  • Laura

    Hi Anne, bladder retention is down to weak pelvic floor muscles, please test your sensitivity first using P01 and P02 as detailed in the quick start guide, then alternate using one program a day starting with P03, this program is for general toning of the pelvic floor muscles and P06 which is for sensation improvement as bladder retention can mean some nerve damage is present and this will improve your sensation, I do hope this helps and if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask us, kind regards Laura

  • Laura

    Dear Anne
    I am not sure why you have urine retention - could you elaborate. Is it due to nerve damage? Prolapse? Constipation?
    Let me know the reason and I will be able to recommend the programmes that will best be able to help you.
    Kind regards
    Customer Care Team

  • Fiona

    The probe won’t cause nerve damage, if anything it will help to improve any nerve damage that’s already there. You need to use one of the sensation programs as this will help to re-sprout the new nerve endings.

  • Fiona

    We sometimes hear ladies say they become slightly worse before improving, this can be due to working muscles that haven’t been used in a long time. I’m not sure which unit you have but you need to be using one of the prolapse programs. If you want to give me a call I can discuss with you further suitable programs for you to use.

  • Doreen Bradbury

    Is it ok to do two 30min on prog8 rather than 1 1hr session?.

  • Maureen

    Should you be able to up the MA's the more you use the kegal or does that mean your getting worse. I used to only be able to go to 28 MA without feeling discomfort but now I can go up to 38 MA

  • Fiona

    Hi Doreen,
    For the exercises to be effective you need to use the full hour program. If you're struggling for time and finding it difficult to fit an hour program in you could use P06 as this program is only 20 minutes and also helps to improve sensation.

  • Fiona

    Dear Maureen,
    The higher you go with the Ma's the harder it's working the muscles. As you use your Kegel8 more you will find that you can push the Ma's up higher. Always set them so they are nice and strong but not uncomfortable.
    Have a look at this guide to positions to help you gain the most from your Kegel8, http://www.kegel8.co.uk/articles/pelvic-floor-exercise/how-to-do-kegel-exercises.html
    I am here on the customer service helpline if you need any further help, just call.
    Kegel8 Customer Care Team.

  • Doreen Bradbury

    Hi Fiona, I have been using my kegal8 tight and tone for a week, using 8 one day and 2 the following day, I am already on 50 or 60 ma's which Is quite intense but not painful, is this ok.

  • Fiona

    Dear Doreen,

    Try and stay below 50 ma's for at least the first four weeks as this will give your muscles time to become used to this level of stimulation. After four weeks gradually begin to increase them up but always keep them at a comfortable level. The higher you go with the Ma's the harder it's working your muscles. Do you use the gel when you exercise? The KE gel, http://www.kegel8.co.uk/ke-gel.html is really important as it helps with the connectivity so will ensure a more effective workout.
    I am here on the customer service helpline if you need any further help, please call me.

    Kind Regards

  • Sarah

    I have had a brain injury 3 years ago and have suffered with constipation and poor continence.I bought a Kegel tight and tone but am not sure I am using it properly.
    I didn't realise how poor my pelvic floor muscles were but I have very little sensation during sex and find it hard to empty my bowels.
    I have used PO8 and ma level of about 15 but I see this should be 30 or more.I can't decide which programme to use as some answers say PC2 and some PO7
    Can you help advise me what I should do.

  • Amy

    I'm currently using the ultra 20 twice a day via vaginal probe.
    I have strayed having a numb leg and like pins and kneedles feeling.
    Is it normal to have side affects
    Many thanks

  • Fiona

    Dear Sarah,
    I would recommend that you use P07 to help improve sensation and P08 as this will help to tone the pelvic floor. If you suffer with urinary leakage then I would recommend P03. The Tight & Tone unit can be also be used with an anal probe, http://www.kegel8.co.uk/super-slim-vaginal-or-anal-probe-80752.html. We would need to send you the anal program as thiswould need to added to one of the blank PC programs on your unit.
    The Ma's should be set so that they are nice and strong but not uncomfortable, this varies from person to person. You will find the more you use the Kegel8 the higher you can take the Ma's. Are you using the KE Gel? http://www.kegel8.co.uk/ke-gel.html. This will help with the connectivity and ensure a more effective workout.

    Hope this helps.
    If you need any further information I'm here on the customer services help line, please call me.

    Kind Regards

  • Fiona

    Dear Amy,

    Please be assured the Kegel Ultra 20, http://www.kegel8.co.uk/kegel8-ultra.html is a medically certified device and meets all CE regulations. The pins and needles isn't something I've come across previously and it's not something that has been present in any of the clinical studies. If it's something that persists I would advise you speak with your GP.

    If I can be of any further help please do not hesitate to give me a call.

    Kind Regards

  • Farzhana

    I cannot increase my electrical pulse by more than 5 . What has happened to my Kegel 8?

  • Laurie

    Hi, I have been using the gold glide probe for about 2 weeks. I was just browsing the FAQs because I wanted to know if the probe is in the correct position and I read:

    Hi Sandra, we are here to help. The scoop shape side should be facing downwards with the gold edges facing hip to hip, I hope this helps, please do not hesitate to contact us for anything that you are not certain about, kind regards Laura

    On my probe the inside of the scoop area says "UP" on it. Have I been using the probe upside down?! What does the UP refer to?

    Thank you!

  • Felicia David
    Felicia David 27/03/2018 at 22:16

    I think i may have anal prolapse.. But i already bought the vitality machine. Will that work for anal prolapse??

  • Hayley

    Hi Felicia,

    I would recommend that you purchase an anal probe, our Slim Pelvic Toner Internal Probe. Once you have this if you email our customer service team at [email protected] we can send you over the anal program that you can set up on one of the blank PC channels. This is a 15 minute program that’s designed especially for anal use as isn’t as strong as the vaginal programs.

  • Hayley

    Hi Laurie,

    Please don’t worry, you haven’t been using it the wrong way. The way you have it inserted with the word “up” facing upwards is correct.

    We will review the FAQ now to make this clear. Thank you for pointing this out and my apologies for any confusion caused.

  • Hayley

    Hi Farzhana,

    Please check that you have the probe connected to the A side of the unit and that you have the probe inserted in the vagina, as the ma’s will not go up if the probe is not inserted.
    If the ma’s are still not increasing then please call our customer service team who will be able to run through some further tests with you.

    Call 01482 496 932 our customer care line is open 8.00am and 6.00pm GMT, Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm GMT, Saturday.

  • Elizabeth levell
    Elizabeth levell 23/05/2018 at 16:34

    I'm not sure if I'm being totally clueless but on the quick start guide and the instruction book the times of the programmes are different to what appears on the screen of my machine?

    For example
    Booklet: p10 40 minutes
    Screen: p10 20 minutes

    When I've checked the other programmes a number of them differ for what is printed in the book and help sheet.

    Also on the machine the programmes run from:
    P1 - P11
    PC1 -PC3

    But in the instructions it lists P1- P20?

    Any help appreciated

  • Hayley

    Hi Elizabeth,
    It sounds like you may have the wrong unit or wrong guide. Please give our Customer Care team a call on 01482 496 932, open 8.00am - 6.00pm GMT, Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm GMT, Saturday. If you would prefer to email, you can contact them on [email protected]
    They will help resolve this quickly for you.

  • Alison

    My kegel8 ultra has started to cut out mid program. The unit just shuts off. Is there something wrong with it?

  • Hayley

    Hi Alison,

    I recommend doing a water test which mimics the connection the probe makes with your muscles. This can show you if the lead wire and probe are working correctly.

    1) Plug your probe into channel A, on the left-hand side of your Kegel8 Electronic Pelvic Toner controller.
    2) Ensure all wires are firmly pressed together.
    3) Set the controller to a PO programme, not a PC programme.
    4) Place the probe in a glass with a small amount of lukewarm water, enough to cover the electrodes. Make sure the wires stay dry!
    5) Turn on the controller and try to increase the mA’s up to 90.

    If this works, it would indicate that the probe is not connecting correctly to the muscle bed when you have it inserted. If you have any issues, give our Customer Care team a call on 01482 496 932. A replacement unit can be sent out if it is faulty and still within the 2 year warranty.