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Dr Dawn Harper Talks About Stress Incontinence

Dr Dawn Harper of Channel 4's Embarrassing BodiesDr Dawn Harper from Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies fame is a GP based in Gloucestershire who runs private clinics focusing on women's health. She states continence is the last taboo and it is such a common problem. An estimated 9.6 million or about one in three women have incontinence problems but that could be a gross underestimate because that is only the women who speak up about it. There could be so many more out there suffering in silence. Stress incontinence is so easy to treat with simple pelvic floor exercises.

The pelvic floor is a muscle in the pelvis which helps control the bladder and the bowel as well as helping us have a healthy sex life. The pelvic floor muscles are like any other muscle meaning they need regular exercise otherwise they become weak. Regular Kegel exercises help prevent and even treat stress incontinence symptoms.

Watch Dr Dawn Harper talking about stress incontinence in this video clip:

One thought on “Dr Dawn Harper Talks About Stress Incontinence”

  • Lisa

    Hi there, I am 34, have three kids and want to tighten my pelvic floor as think I'm at risk of a prolapse. I have no in continence issues and thought my muscles were in pretty good shape but recently I have noticed whilst having a poo and pushing even just a small bit, it feels like something is coming out my vagina. I have felt it and there is definitely something pushing down. What product do you recommend?,
    Thanks in advance,

    Dear Lisa
    Thanks for your question. I would recommend you mention this to your GP to get an accurate diagnosis, but I think that your 'gut' feeling is right. If you are noticing a bulge when you strain then you need to strengthen up as soon as possible, your GP would be able to tell you if the bulge is your bladder, uterus or bowel. The <a href="/kegel8-ultra.html" rel="nofollow">Kegel8 Ultra</a> has a programme for prolapse, I would recommend this programme alternating with a full pelvic floor workout. These are all pre-set programmes devised by Physiotherapists to help rehabilitate and strengthen the pelvic floor.

    As well as Kegel8 Exercises I would also recommend the following:
    1. Make sure you avoid constipation and straining - change the position in which you poo it really will help - have a look at a film on You Tube for the Squatty Potty - it shows exactly what happens when we poo and how position is vital for your pelvic health and overall health - you'll be amazed at the difference. You can buy the <a href="http://www.stressnomore.co.uk/re-lax-toilet-footrest-91768.html" rel="nofollow">Re-Lax Toilet Stool</a> it will get your body in the perfect position so you avoid straining and completely empty your bowels.
    2. Check out Tasha Mulligan's Hab-it DVD for prolapse and pelvic floor problems (She's on You Tube with lots of advice - not always great quality films, but great quality advice), she has a prolapse and has managed through physical therapy to correct it and she has great pointers about posture (vital - sit up straight!) that will help keep your pelvic strong for life.

    Tasha Mulligans DVD Hab-it For Prolapse and Pelvic Floor Problems is available from <a href="http://www.stressnomore.co.uk/kegel-8-hab-it-pelvic-floor-dvd-81392.html" rel="nofollow">StressNoMore.co.uk</a>