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Share Your Kegel8 Story And Win!

women-chattingMay 2014 sees the start of National Share-a-Story Month, an annual celebration of the power of storytelling and story sharing and we want you to get involved to help other women and be in with a chance of winning £50 to spend at John Lewis...

National Share-a-Story Month is organised by The Federation of Children’s Book Groups and its core aim is to bring children and stories together. This year’s theme is Imagination and Inventiveness as they join Dahl & Dahl and Puffin Publishers in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the publication of the magical Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

At Kegel8 we also believe in the power of story sharing – there are many women suffering with bladder weakness, embarrassing leaks and even prolapse in silence. But we know that you can help; we are inviting you to tell your Kegel8 story to help other women and you could win a £50 John Lewis Gift Card!

Tell us your pelvic floor story

You could tell us about a quirky way you remember to do your manual pelvic floor exercises or;

You could tell us about how Kegel8 has helped you – compare your life before and after discovering Kegel8 or;

Tell us about anything else you feel will motivate other women to take control and strengthen their pelvic floor.

Simply post your Kegel8 story on this blog using the 'Comments' form below – it can be a few JL-Gift-Cardlines, or a few paragraphs, it really is up to you – and we’ll enter you into our prize draw to win a £50 John Lewis Gift Card. We need you to include your name and email address so we can contact the lucky winner but don’t worry, these details will not be published on the website.

Share you story today and help other women make a change. Entries for the competition will close midnight Friday 30th May 2014 – good luck!

4 thoughts on “Share Your Kegel8 Story And Win!”

  • I have been having problems for about three years, it started with me having constant urine infections doctor kept on prescribing antibiotics but each time I would be getting this dragging feeling and painful pelvic and bladder I really didn't know what to do nothing seeemed to work, I was also in pain and uncomfortable after sex this put me off, didn't help relationship at all. My friend suggested the kegel8 20. It sounded virtually impossible to be able to sort my problems out. Also the machine was very expensive for me. But I decided to give it a try and buy one. I have used this for one month and my symptoms have gone. This to me is like winning the lottery. I feel hundred percent happy with the outcome. The only other thing I have to say I wished I knew about this earlier would of saved so much pain and upset this is a brilliant product im me again pain free thank you

  • Hi, I gave birth to my two beautiful big sons, one in 1972 and 1974. I had a ring inserted after my second which just fell out. I had my first prolapse in 1984. I had my first op for a PFR in Bruntsfield Hospital Edinburgh, which was a hospital for women only. I had my womb and bladder repaired. This worked well for a long time as I was 34 years old at the time and was able to get on with my life. However, in 2006 I retired and wanted to be as healthy as possible and knew that something 'downstairs' wasn't quite right. To put it bluntly, I P'd squint. I went to the doctor who referred me to St John's Hospital, where I had my second PFR. I have to say that neither operation was in anyway painful and anyone who needs this should not be worried about it. I recently discovered that the familiar 'bulge' was present when I was having my shower. I am soon to be 68 years young and really do not want anymore surgery. I found the Kegel8 website on a Google search. It is a considered purchase but I decided to buy the Kegel8 top of the range. I have been using it twice a day since it arrived. I have found it to be really helpful. Although it won't 'cure' my prolapse, it definitely has had a positive effect on my pelvic floor. I will continue to use it as I want to live my life as independently as I can with regards to using the vacuum cleaner and gardening etc. Another op would restrict me so much. If you have any doubts about it working, it really does. I can now excersise throughout the day because the Kegel8 has taught me how to locate the right muscles. Good luck everyone and good pelvic floor health too. Young new mums, really do pay attention to your pelvic floor, it is very important, wish I had!

  • I had a difficult birth for my first child with third degree tear. Since then I always have pain for over a year even when sitting. I didn't bother to ask for help and when I had my second child, I were leaking whenever cough or sneeze. So I started to use kegel8 vagina cones. It is very hardwork especially it will pop out whenever I cough. But the more I do it, the better my pelvis floor become!

  • Bowel problem diverticulosis and rectocele. 25 years ago my first baby was born by forceps delivery with an episiotomey. 2 years later and 2 further babies born with tears and stitches. I've suffered years of constipation, I had a colonoscopy in 1997 which didn't show any problem. By 2010 I was suffering pelvic pain, lower backache and could not empty bowel without pressing around bottom end and urge to pass urine. A sigmoidoscopy in 2012 didn't show any problem, I was advised to do pelvic floor exercises so I purchased the Kegel8 ultra with both vaginal and anal probe. I used this every day for 12 weeks and then 3 times a week thereafter for over 2 years and ongoing. This helped to relieve the lower back ache and urge to pass urine soon after the 12 weeks, but not with passing the bowel motion. This year in February 2014 I went to the doctors with pain lower right side. the doctor thought this was due to the constipation and I was finally given some laxatives which actually worked to soften the motion, nothing else I'd taken over all this time seemed to help. I still could not empty bowel even though the motion was soft without pressing around the bottom end, but I was managing to go a bit easier. I then got a bad case of piles and was referred to a surgeon. The surgeon decided to do tests to find out what was causing the constipation before operating on the piles, so after another colonoscopy and defacating proctogram I have finally been diagnosed with diverticulosis and a rectocele caused by all the damage to the back vaginal wall during childbirth. I now face surgery to try and repair the rectocele/weakness and hopefully solve my years of misery. I wish the problem could have been found years ago. If anyone else is having this problem I recommend the pelvic floor exercises and a good talk to your doctor so you can hopefully get referred to someone who can diagnose your problem quickly. Don't be afraid of the defecating proctogram it may be embarrassing but its the only test which has showed up the extent of my problem and I'm now waiting to see the surgeon to find out what can be done to fix this. I've tried to find reviews online from people who've had surgery for this but it doesn't seem to be discussed, so i thought I'd tell my story.