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Whether you need help to use your Kegel pelvic toner, whether you want to learn more about how a Kegel8 pelvic floor exerciser can help with incontinence, prolapse and more, or whether you just want to find out more about pelvic floor exercise, you've come to the right place. Find out more about the pelvic floor & Kegel8 with our video blogs.

  • The Importance of Kegel Exercises

    Kegel exercises are a vitally important part of every woman and man's exercise routine, and are vitally important to help you to get strong and healthy from the inside out. Your pelvic floor is like any other muscle in your body, and if you don't exercise it, it will become weak. In this video, Stephanie Taylor, Kegel8 founder and Managing Director talks to us about why Kegel exercises are such an important part of a strong and healthy body, and offers great advice on what you can do to help strengthen your muscles, prevent leaks, improve intimate sensation and more.

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  • The Top Facts You Should Know About The Male Pelvic Floor

    Kegel exercises aren't just for girls - the male pelvic floor plays a vitally important role in men's health too! Watch our Kegel8 V For Men infographic to learn more about the male pelvic floor and why you should be exercising yours too.

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  • Discover the facts with Kegel8 Mother Nurture

    Kegel8 Mother Nurture is the latest and best way to help get you in shape pre-pregnancy, help you through the pain of labour, then help you get back in shape after your baby is born. Did you know that 45% of new mums suffer bladder weakness, so if you're in this group, you're definitely not alone... Watch our video to find out more.

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  • Perimenopause

    Ladies, we all know what the menopause is, but did you know that our bodies enter a stage called perimenopause as much as 10 years before the ‘true’ menopause (which we don’t ‘officially’ enter until we haven’t had a period for 12 months). Read on to learn more about the perimenopause, and learn even more about it from a singing uterus in the video below (yes really!)…

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  • Bodyform Pads Spoof Film Goes Viral

    This is the week that the makers of Bodyform pads scored a massive PR hit with a spoof complaint on its Facebook page.

    Puzzled 'boyfriend' Richard Neill posted a comment on the Facebook page of Bodyform on 8 October, explaining how confused he was after seeing their adverts for their period panty pads.

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  • Kegel8 Demonstration - How To Use Your Kegel8

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  • Prolapse - Kegel8 Pelvic Exercise is the solution

    Prolapse help with Kegel8 Pelvic Exercise Machine

    Prolapse is something most of us don't know much about - until it happens to us and it's too late.

    Kegel8 Founder, Stephanie Taylor gives tips on tell tale signs of a weak pelvic floor that should not be ignored and explains how Kegel8 can help to prevent prolapse, and also help you if you have a prolapse.

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  • WARNING - Kegel8 will improve your libido and sex life

    Have you "gone off" sex? Doesn't feel the same any-more? Do you try to avoid having sex? If your pelvic floor is weak, sexual sensation will be reduced and your orgasms may even be a thing of the past. If you want to improve your libido there is not 'magic pill' for women, and who would want that? We know that we respond differently to sex, and good sex for women starts in the brain. Sadly for many woman, lack of intimate sensation has a downward effect on libido. So if you want to improve your libido where should you start? Start at your pelvic floor! Your body is trying to tell you something - it needs strengthening, and boy, will you and your partner enjoy the 'side-effects' of a stronger pelvic floor!
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  • Embarrassing Bodies Talks About Stress Incontinence

    Embarrassing BodiesIn the UK 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men experience bladder leakage caused by a weak pelvic floor. That's why Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies hit the road to help those afflicted with urinary stress incontinence and show them how they can strengthen pelvic floor muscles to avoid leakage. If your pelvic floor is weak, accidents can happen when you least expect them!
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  • Prolapse Exercises - The Floor Workout - Michelle Kenway

    The Floor WorkoutHere at Kegel8 we get lots of questions about prolapse and exercises to avoid during prolapse. We know that many women are frightened by the initial diagnosis of prolapse and many become afraid to exercise - frightened to make the prolapse worse or damage the pelvic floor further.

    By following these simple tips and exercise rules from Top Aussie Physio Michelle Kenway you can learn how to take care of your pelvic floor, and what exercises to avoid, and which ones are beneficial for prolapse. It is vital that you learn more about your prolapse and how to strengthen your pelvic using exercises, posture changes and lifestyle changes - every journey starts with a step, and in the case of prolapse, every journey starts with a kegel.

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