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  • Tissues at the ready - it's Hay Fever Season!

    Spring has definitely sprung and whilst we feel energised by the lighter nights and the bright mornings, there's no getting away from the dreaded allergies that this time of year brings for so many of us! Our eyes are leaking, our nose is leaking and more annoyingly, our bladder is leaking! But let's turn this into a positive... Continue reading

  • Hay Fever and Your Pelvic Floor

    The sun is shining through the Kegel8 office windows and it’s clear that spring has most definitely sprung! We love the lighter nights and light mornings, but along with the sun comes allergies, and more specifically, thanks to the rise in pollen counts as the plants start to bloom, hay fever, which affects more than 10 million of us in England alone[1]. That’s almost one in five of us who suffer yearly coughs, watery eyes and the almost-constant sneezing that comes with the rise in pollen counts. For most of us, hay fever is an inconvenience that can be controlled with simple over-the-counter remedies, but for those of us suffering from pelvic floor weakness, it’s a whole different story…

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  • Allergy Awareness Week 2014 - Kegel8 & Nickel Allergies

    Monday 28th April sees the start of Allergy Awareness Week, and we’re raising awareness of nickel allergies. Do you find that after wearing metal jewellery your skin becomes red, itchy or inflamed? Are you one of the many women who can only wear gold because anything less will leave your ears sore? Or, do you find that the button on your jeans leaves you with a red mark on your stomach? Chances are, this is your skin having an adverse reaction to the nickel in the metal, but many women don’t realise that they have a nickel allergy until they use their Kegel8 for the first time and find that they experience discomfort due to the nickel found in medical grade probes. But we've found the solution…

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  • Do I Have a Nickel Allergy?

    You may find after wearing metal jewellery that your skin becomes inflamed, red and itchy around the area where the metal was touching it. This is your skin having an adverse reaction to nickel; it’s an incredibly common allergy in the UK and can affect you at any age. However many women don’t realise they have a nickel allergy until they use their Kegel8 for the first time and experience itching and discomfort as a result of the nickel in the electrodes on their probe.

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  • Turbo Boost Your Kegel8 with Perisize

    Everyone knows that a Kegel8 is the very best way to Kegel exercise, but if you want to double the power of your Kegel8 and enjoy a workout that's twice as powerful and twice as effective, you can upgrade to our fantastic Perisize Electrode Probe.

    Since we launched the Perisize Electrode Probe, we've been experiencing record sales as women discover that they can make their Kegel8 exercises even more effective!

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