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Abdominal Rectopexy

Abdominal Rectopexy rectal prolapse help from Kegel8Abdominal Rectopexy is pelvic floor surgery to correct rectal prolapse or rectocele. 

Not all rectal prolapse requires pelvic floor surgery and with careful care you can manage your prolapse with the help of kegel exercises and pelvic floor rehabilitation. If you have a rectal prolapse and your Doctor or Surgeon feels it is serious enough and would benefit from an operation a rectopexy operation aims to prevent further prolapse.

What is an Abdominal Rectopexy Procedure?

The operation involves an abdominal incision, through which the surgeon will fix the rectum back into place. Rectopexy can be done laparoscopically with 4 or 5 very small incisions instead of one large incision across your lower abdomen. There are a number of different ways this pelvic floor operation can be done, some of which sew the rectum back into position, others use a sling of mesh to fix it in place.

Can Kegel8 Help with Abdominal Rectopexy?

If you have a rectal prolapse clinical data shows that you are more prone to a bladder prolapse, this could be because your pelvic floor is weak and your pelvic organs are unsupported. To strengthen your pelvic floor to help prevent further prolapse you need to kegel exercise. Not only will this help you to avoid abdominal rectopexy complications but it could ensure better outcomes from the operation. If you decide that you are not going to have the abdominal rectopexy procedure and you want to exercise to contain your prolapse Kegel8 is here to help.

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