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Any steroid hormone produced by the adrenal glands or by the ovaries that promotes male characteristics, such as facial hair and deepening voice is known as an androgen. Androgens are known as male hormones, but women also produce androgens.

What are Androgenic Effects?

Androgenic side effects in women include, acne, oily skin, excess body hair, polycystic ovary syndrome (women with polycystic ovary syndrome produce too many androgens), fertility problems and obesity.

Androgens also have a direct effect on the pelvic floor muscles and lower urinary tract too and they could have a role to play in pelvic floor problems.

Recent clinical findings show that androgens have direct anabolic effects on skeletal muscle. Levator ani and other muscles of the pelvic floor and lower urinary tract are sensitive to the anabolic effects of testosterone. Androgen receptors are also expressed in the pelvic floor and human lower urinary tract. Anabolic effects of androgens may play an important role in the female pelvic-floor and lower-urinary-tract disorders. Furthermore with the interactions between androgen and nitric oxide synthase and arginase being demonstrated this suggests that androgens may also participate in modulating the physiological functions of lower urinary tract through nitric oxide.[1]


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[1] Anabolic effects of androgens on muscles of female pelvic floor and lower urinary tract.

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