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Atrophic Vaginitis

Atrophic vaginitis is also known as vaginal atrophy or urogenital atrophy. This inflammation of the outer urinary tract and vagina also includes vaginal dryness and irritation, burning and itching.

Half of all post-menopausal women suffer with atrophic vaginitis. See also Vaginal Atrophy.

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What causes Atrophic Vaginitis

Declining oestrogen levels affect vaginal flora allowing bacteria to proliferate, causing a vaginal discharge. The menopause reduces levels of oestrogen and these lower oestrogen levels are related to an increase in urinary tract infections as the walls of the urethra and bladder become thinner.

What can help Atrophic Vaginitis?

  • Use a natural lubricant for daily use, and during love-making - try to make love more, it actually helps to create more natural lubrication.
  • Pelvic Floor Exercise with Kegel8 Ultra is essential for improving the pelvic muscle tone and improving blood circulation.
  • Topical oestrogen cream (from your Doctor) will help to plump-up the tissue and linings of the vagina.
  • Omega-3 fish oils can help with hormone (re)balance so try 700mg EPA and 500mg DHA, daily.
  • Vitamin C helps with collagen and tissue elasticity, aim for 500mg twice daily
  • Vitamin E Research shows not only does it have anti-ageing properties it also helps with vaginal dryness - take 400iu daily.
  • Probiotics help to keep your internal flora in balance and prevent infections.
  • Drink water - water, herb teas - all help to keep your body hydrated.

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