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Bladder Diary

A bladder diary is a diary or a log of of how many times you urinate, this can also include the amount passed and foods and drinks consumed.

Bladder Diary Chart

A bladder diary chart is a 24 hour recording of the amount of liquid you take into your body and and urine that passes out through urination. A bladder diary chart will help you to recognise if there is any correlation between your fluid intake and the amount of time you pee, or if you have any accidents or episodes of incontinence. Keeping a bladder diary will help both you and your healthcare provider to understand your fluid intake, frequency of urination and how much your bladder can hold and many other aspects important to the health function of your bladder.

On average your healthcare provider will want at least 3 days information for a bladder diary chart, not all days have to be consecutive.

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