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Cervical Elongation

Is Cervical Elongation Associated with Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

It is commonly believed that pelvic organ prolapse is associated with cervical elongation.

However, cervical lengths have not been formally compared between women with prolapse and those with normal support.

A recent case-control study was conducted by scientist; they measured the length of cervix in 51 women with prolapse and 46 women with normal support.

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Ranges for normal cervical lengths were determined from the values in the control group in order to evaluate for cervical elongation amongst women with prolapse.

Their results found that the cervix is 36.4% (8.6 mm) longer in women with prolapse than in women with normal pelvic support (p < 0.001).

Their conclusion was cervical elongation is found in one-third of women with pelvic organ prolapse,with the extent of elongation increasing with greater degrees of uterine descent.

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