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This is a surgical option for women who are not sexually active and who intend to remain so is called colpocleisis. Colpocleisis is a surgical procedure used to treat uterine or vaginal vault prolapse. If you have a uterine prolapse the procedure is known as LeFort Colpocleisis and for women who have previously had a hysterectomy it is called a total colpocleisis.

Colpocleisis Procedure

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The procedure stops further prolapse which is very common in hysterectomy, especially when the cervix is removed by closing permanently the vaginal canal. It involves the removal of a strip of anterior and posterior vaginal wall, followed by closure of the margins of the anterior and posterior vaginal wall to each other.

This procedure is ideal for older female patients who require surgical intervention but may have other medical conditions preventing more involved pelvic surgeries.

Can I use a Kegel8 if I have had a Colpocleisis Procedure?

Whilst you will be unable to use a probe vaginally you will be able to use a Kegel8 Ultra 20 which uses skin electrodes to strengthen the pelvic floor, prevent and treat pain, and help with incontinence. Even though you have had the colpocleisis procedure you will still need to keep your pelvic floor muscles strong to prevent prolapse of the bladder or bowel.

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