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Cube Pessary

A Cube Pessary is recommended for women suffering from moderate to severe uterine prolapse, cystocele or rectocele. The curved edges of the Cube Pessary mean that even if the prolapse is severe, the pessary can stay in place comfortably due to the suction created with the walls of the vagina.

The Cube Pessary features a removal string to help remove it easily and should be removed every night.

Cube Pessary Can Help Severe Prolapse

Cube Pessary for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

This diagram shows where a Cube Pessary should be positioned.

A Cube Pessary cannot cure a prolapse, but it can help you to deal with the symptoms of prolapse by providing extra support to your internal organs. There is also clinical evidence that shows that by using a pessary a prolapse can be significantly improved1

The use of a Cube pessary is often recommended if a woman finds it difficult to retain other pessary styles in-place. The curved walls of the Cube Pessary help to keep it in the right position as it creates gentle suction with the vaginal walls.

A pessary will help to support the prolapsed organs and can give almost instant relief from prolapse symptoms. However it's also important to treat the cause of prolapse by strengthening the pelvic floor. The Kegel8 Ultra 20 features a programme especially for prolapse. Exercise with the Kegel8 Ultra works 90% of the pelvic muscles compared to 40% with normal Kegel exercises.

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  • In the US Clinical studies show that 3 months of pessary use genital hiatus size decreases significantly. By using the pessary it results in significant anatomical change to the size of the genital hiatus in patients with pelvic organ prolapse1.

1 Effect of Pessary Use on Genital Hiatus Measurements in Women With Pelvic Organ Prolapse - Jones, Keisha MD; Yang, Linda MD; Lowder, Jerry L. MD; Meyn, Leslie MS; Ellison, Rennique; Zyczynski, Halina M. MD; Moalli, Pamela MD, PhD; Lee, Ted MD

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