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Also known as a bladder prolapse - the word prolapse means to 'drop out of place'. A cystocele occurs when the muscle and ligaments between the bladder and vagina weaken and the bladder then sags into the vagina.

A Cystocele may cause discomfort and a heavy feeling in the pelvic area. It can result in problems with emptying the bladder, this will be in the form of embarrassing urine leakage and incomplete emptying of the bladder.

How Bad Is It?

  • A cystocele is classed as mild - grade 1 - when the bladder drops only a short way into the vagina.
  • The more severe - grade 2 bladder prolapse describes the bladder sinking far enough to reach the vaginal opening.
  • The most advanced form of bladder prolapse is a grade 3 which describes the bladder bulging out through the vaginal opening.


Cystocele Treatment - What Are Your Options?

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Treatment depends on how severe it is and whether you have other related conditions, such as another pelvic organ prolapse such as uterus or bowel. If your cystocele is mild -  and you have few or no obvious symptoms you won't require treatment. You should monitor it and work on the following:

  • Pelvic Floor Exercise - vital to stop your prolapse from getting worse, or other organs from prolapsing too. Kegel8 is fast, effective and clinically proven to help
  • Pessary - A vaginal pessary is a plastic, silicone or rubber ring that will support your bladder. They are very popular, especially if you want to avoid surgery but want to support the prolapse.
  • Oestrogen Therapy - Topical oestrogen in a cream, pill or ring helps keep pelvic muscles strong.


Here's What You MUST do!

* Pelvic Floor Exercise - whether you visit a Physical Therapist, Physiotherapist or purchase a Kegel8 Electronic Pelvic Toner JUST DO IT! You can't undo the damage, but you can prevent it from worsening.

* Your weight - keep it in check, if you carry excess weight this will put pressure on your pelvic floor and could result in further prolapse.

* Constipation - Straining will weaken your muscles even more - try a squatty potty

* Low impact exercise is a must - no high impact exercise, follow prolapse friendly exercise routines.

* No Heavy Lifting - Learn new strategies for lifting, and avoid heavy lifting.

* Posture - Correct it! Walk tall, BBC - Bum at the back of the Chair, don't 'butt tuck' See our posture hints here:

* Coughing - Try to avoid if possible. Stop smoking, learn the knack to brace your pelvic floor against unnecessary intra abdominal pressure which is bad for your pelvic floor.

Warning To All Women

If you have a cystocele you are also more prone to rectocele (rectal or bowel prolapse) and pelvic floor exercise is essential. Even if you are suitable for pelvic surgery to correct your prolapse - no amount of surgery will ever correct a weak pelvic floor and that's where a Kegel8 pelvic toner comes in. If you start today you will be that much closer to getting a stronger more confident pelvic floor - and you could could prevent another prolapse too.

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