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Also known as Tolterodine - it is an anticholinergic medicine. It works to block nerves that control bladder muscle contractions and allow for relaxation of the smooth muscle of the bladder. These actions work together to help control urge urinary incontinence.

Detrol is used to treat both urge incontinence and an over-active bladder.

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Detrol Side Effects For Incontinence

Author and Pelvic Floor Therapist Mary O'Dwyer says 'The first line of treatment for urge incontinence is often medication, however many women cease taking these drugs within the first year, resulting in ineffective treatment.'
She goes onto say 'Investigators have found high discontinuation rates of anticholinergic therapy for urge incontinence or other lower urinary tract symptoms among women. The reasons are not given but may include side effects or perceived lack of effectiveness in treating their problem. They investigators advise that health care providers "must be vigilant" in offering alternative forms of treatment, such as bladder training and pelvic floor exercise and rehabilitation.'
Dr. Chris Fox, senior lecturer at Norwich Medical School at the University of East Anglia cautions people with an over active bladder, he suggested, “try scheduled toileting or bladder exercises (Kegel exercises) before jumping to medicine”.

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