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ePAQ for incontinence assessment

ePAQ (electronic Personal Assessment Questionnaire) is an interactive, web-based assessment software system developed at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals by consultant gynaecologist Stephen Radley.

ePAQ uses computer software to 'intelligently' process patient response data giving health professionals a meaningful measure of pelvic floor health in women. Currently it is being used in urogynaecology, colorectalsurgery and pelvic floor treatment. It assesses four areas: Urinary, Bowel, Vaginal and Sexual symptoms. The simple on-line format, help pages and patient questions enable women to give details and a background to their symptoms in the privacy of their own homes without medical supervision. Alternatively it can be completed with a touch screen at the hospital.

Women attending clinics now routinely complete ePAQ before a consultation.  A report is printed, providing scores in 19 clinically important areas such as stress incontinence, dyspareunia, irritable bowel and prolapse. With built-in algorithms and information relating to these 'scores' a detailed and valid assessment is available before consultation.

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