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Hemorrhoids - Piles

Haemorrhoids (also known as hemorrhoids or piles) are enlarged or swollen veins in the rectum or around the anus; they can be painful but rarely serious. Veins can swell inside the anal canal to form internal haemorrhoids, or outside the body near the opening of the anus to form external haemorrhoids. You can have both types at the same time. The symptoms and treatment depend on which type you have.

What causes haemorrhoids (hemorrhoids or piles)?

Diarrhoea * Constipation * Pregnancy * Being Overweight

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Usually tissue inside the anus fills with blood to help control bowel movements. If you strain or have constipation the increased pressure causes the veins in this tissue to swell and stretch causing a (pile) haemorrhoid.

What are the symptoms of haemorrhoids?

Bleeding * Pelvic Pain * Itching *Faecal Soiling

Many patients with prolapsed internal haemorrhoids complain of faecal soiling or faecal incontinence.  The haemorrhoids can prevent complete closure of the anus and allow leakage of faecal matter. Kegel8 will help to keep the pelvic area strong and healthy and pelvic floor exercise is vital to help the results of this haemorrhoid surgery and prevent any further haemorrhoid treatment.

Kegel8 Pelvic Toner - Piles - Home Treatment

It's true - Kegels can help with piles! If you suffer from piles or constipation, it's really important to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Clinical guidelines advise against using an anal probe if you're suffering from haemorrhoids, but you can run our vaginal programmes (or programmes with skin electrodes) to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and help to treat hemorrhoids naturally.

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