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Hip Labral Tears

A hip labral tear concerns the labrum (the soft circular elastic tissue lining the outside rim of the socket in the hip joint.) The labrum is a socket that holds the thighbone 'ball' in place.

Athletes, Sportsmen and women and professional dancers are particularly prone to a hip labral tear as are patients with structural abnormalities of the hip.

Hip Labral Tear Symptoms

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Whilst some have no symptoms, other sufferers report a sharp around the pelvic floor. Sometimes this pain can extend to the upper leg or buttocks. Others report hip pain and a "catching" sensation in the actual hip joint, moving the hip joint can be very painful.

Hip Labral Tear? Beware of Pelvic Floor Problems Too!

Some Physical Therapists and Physiotherapists believe there is a correlation between pelvic/ pelvic floor pain and hip labral tears or hip dysplasia and pelvic floor dysfunction. Deborah Rizo from Riczo Health Education says 'I believe it often comes down to a weak glut max. The pelvic floor works overtime to compensate for the weak glut(s)'.

Pat Salin Huston, MSPT, BCB-PMD  from Passages PT says 'It appears that the labral tear can initiate or perpetuate pelvic floor dysfunction, thereby preventing resolution in some patients. In addition, the pudendal nerve may be at risk to become irritated through the process of the traction occurring during the repair.'

* Quotes taken from Linkedin 'Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions and Hip Labral Tears' May 2013

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