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Hormones are chemicals that carry messages from organs within your body to your cells. They tell the cells what to do. Glands such as the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals and pancreas (amongst others) secrete hormones and work to keep the body’s natural balance in check.

There are different hormones secreted within the body at different stages in our life including sex hormones and growth hormones.

What Do Hormones Do In Our Body?

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Hormones are responsible in the body for the following:

  • Growth - they make us grow or stop growing,
  • Mood - they make us feel happy or sad,
  • Metabolism - speed up or slow down our metabolism,
  • Puberty - the start of puberty,
  • Menopause or 'the change' - the start of the menopause
  • Fight or Flight - regulating our 'fight or flight' and mating instinct


Did you know?

You may also find that stress incontinence (leaks when you cough, jump or sneeze) is worse during the week before your period. This is because the hormones released by your body on the run up to your period  have a direct effect on the muscles of your pelvic floor which support your bladder and urethra.

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