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Inflatoball Pessary

The Milex Inflatoball Pessary is a special type of inflatable latex pessary designed for women with the most severe 3rd and 4th degree prolapse, cystocele, rectocele and/or procidentia.

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The Inflatoball Pessary is inserted while it is deflated and then inflated when it is in place. By wearing a pessary, this can help a woman to deal with the symptoms or prolapse. As well as wearing a pessary you should also strengthen the pelvic floor with Kegel8 Ultra's special prolapse programme. This will help to treat the underlying cause of prolapse.

Wearing an Inflatoball Pessary

Milex Inflatoball Pessary for Prolapse, Incontinence, Rectocele, Cystocele and POPWearing an Inflatoball Pessary will help to support the prolapsed pelvic organs and can help with the everyday symptoms of prolapse. A pessary cannot cure a prolapse, but it can help to prevent it from getting worse and pessaries have helped many women to avoid prolapse surgery. Clinical studies show that a prolpase can be significantly improved with the use of a pessary1.

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  • In the US Clinical studies show that 3 months of pessary use genital hiatus size decreases significantly. By using the pessary it results in significant anatomical change to the size of the genital hiatus in patients with pelvic organ prolapse1.

1 Effect of Pessary Use on Genital Hiatus Measurements in Women With Pelvic Organ Prolapse - Jones, Keisha MD; Yang, Linda MD; Lowder, Jerry L. MD; Meyn, Leslie MS; Ellison, Rennique; Zyczynski, Halina M. MD; Moalli, Pamela MD, PhD; Lee, Ted MD

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