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Intussusception is when the rectum pushes back inside itself. Quite often it will appear as a slim protrusion out of the rectum. Waste matter can then get trapped in these skin pockets.

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There are different types of intussusception

  • Intra-rectal intussusception - found inside and along the rectum
  • Intra-anal intussusception - found inside the anus
  • Extra anal intussusception - found outside the anus


When you strain through constipation the skin folds can deepen and stretch into the anal canal forming a rectal prolapse. This results in chronic constipation, incomplete emptying of the bowel, pain with bowel movements, blood loss in the faeces, together with mucous and incontinence of wind and/or faeces. Repeated straining may increase the obstructive sensation and enemas may be ineffective. 

Intussusception Surgery and Treatment

Surgery is usually done in one of two ways, either abdominally or by perineal approach. Following surgery pelvic strengthening is advised. Constipation should be avoided at all costs (the squatty potty will help) and exercising with the Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic Toner for women, or a Kegel8 V For Men will help to strengthen the pelvic floor and to prevent further prolapse. 

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