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Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises, ‘Kegels’, pelvic floor exercises and PC Exercises are the ‘squeeze and lift’ exercises to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor. These exercises were first highlighted in a clinical paper by Dr Arnold Kegel in 1948. Kegel, a Californian gynaecologist used biofeedback to teach his patients how to do kegel exercises and strengthen their pelvic floors.

Kegel Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floorKegel exercises can reduce urinary incontinence, help women with natural childbirth and both prevent and help with female genital prolapse.

A strong pelvic floor is vital for a good love-life and healthy sexual function and orgasm.

It’s not just women who have kegel muscles – there are kegels for men too. Kegel exercises for men have been clinically proven to help prevent premature ejaculation, improve erections and combat male incontinence & dribbling and bowel incontinence.

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