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Labia majora and labia minora at kegel8The labia are two sets of skin folds that surround and protect the female external genitalia. The outer labia (labia majora) originate at the mons pubis and extend towards the back by the anus.

The labia are rich in fatty tissue, and the outer surface is covered in pubic hair. The inner surface is hairless and sensitive to touch, temperature, pressure and pain.

The labia majora contains special glands that secrete moisture that acts as a natural lubricant during sexual arousal.


The labia minora are the inner skin folds within the labia majora that extend from the clitoris towards the anus at the back. They are hairless, pink, and considerably thinner and smaller. The labia minora are highly sensitive and they are supplied with blood vessels, nerves and glands that also produce a lubricant during arousal.

The labia minora protect both the urethral meatus (urinary orifice) and the vaginal opening or introitus.

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