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Ligaments of the Pelvic FloorLigaments are a band of tough flexible fibrous connective tissue.

A ligaments function is to link bones and articulations together and to keep a pelvic organ in position.

While ligaments in the pelvic floor are extremely strong, they can be stretched or even torn - if this happens in the pelvis it can result in prolapse  - the dropping down, out of position of pelvic organs.

Clinical studies also show that to strengthen muscles and ligaments Vitamin D3 can help.

So does that mean we don't have to Kegel exercise for the rest of lives and we can just drop a Vitamin D3 tablet? Not exactly, kegel exercise should be like brushing your teeth - something you do twice daily without fail! But we found it very interesting that the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that 23% of the women surveyed with significantly lower than average vitamin D levels reported at least one pelvic floor disorder and/or urinary incontinence, irrespective of their age.

How Can Kegel8 Help To Strengthen Ligaments In The Pelvic Floor?

Ligaments can be strengthened by pelvic floor exercising with Kegel8 pelvic floor exercise machines as well as supplementing your body with Vitamin D3.

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