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Kegel muscles at Kegel8 we'll show you how to kegel exercise

What is Muscle?

A muscle is made of fibrous tissue with the ability to contract, producing movement. It is attached to bones by tendons.

What is the Kegel Muscle?

The ‘kegel’ muscle is also known as the pubococcygeus or ‘PC muscle’. The ‘kegel muscle’ isn't a single muscle but a multifunctional layer of muscles, fibres and ligaments known as the levator ani which support and hold your pelvic organs in place, give you control of your urine and faeces and sexual satisfaction.

It was Dr Arnold H. Kegel who highlighted the importance of the pelvic floor muscle and simple solutions to regaining control.  This pioneering gynaecologist encouraged his female patients to perform his ‘Kegel’ exercises - simple squeezes of the Kegel muscle - and make her ‘relaxed’ pelvic floor muscles strong and supportive once again.

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