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Myofascial Release

What is myofascia?

Myofascia has been described as a complete body suit which runs from the top of your head down to the bottom of your toes. With no beginning or end it 'knits' the body together. When healthy the fascia is relaxed and soft and able to stretch and move without restriction.

However, if you experience physical damage or inflammation the fascia loses its flexibility and it becomes tense. Trauma such as whiplash, surgery or even bad posture has a cumulative effect on your body and Myofascial release treatments can help.

Medications and pain treatments are frequently used to treat Myofascial pain and whilst they bring a temporary relief from pain, they do nothing in the long-term. Traditional physical, occupational and massage therapy treats the symptoms caused by the pressure of the Myofascial system, but does nothing about the actual pressure that causes and perpetuates pain and discomfort. Only Myofascial Release treats the entire Myofascial mind/body complex eliminating the pressure of the restricted Myofascial system (the straightjacket) that causes the symptoms.

How Can Myofascial Release Help?

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Myofascial Release is claimed to safely and gently release the entire Myofascial complex for lasting results. Women's Health Issues that can be treated with Myofascial release include:


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