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What Are Myomas?

A myoma, uterine myoma or uterine fibroid is a benign tumour (non-cancerous) formed from muscular and connective tissues on the wall of the womb (uterus). It is one of the most common tumours found in women's reproductive organs.

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Depending on the prevailing type of tissue (parenchyma or interstitial) this tumour is known as: myoma, fibroma, or fibromyoma. However, since the myoma nodules are developed mainly from muscle cells, the most correct terminology is considered to be myoma.

Myoma are slow growing and the most common pelvic tumour.

Myoma tumour growth can increase pressure to the bowel resulting in uncomfortable bloating and constipation. Kegel8 will help with myoma treatment by strengthening your pelvic floor through exercise, and can also be used to treat the pelvic pain associated with myomas.

Medical intervention can also include fibroids hysterectomy. With any surgical procedure we urge you to pelvic floor exercise with a Kegel8 to improve surgical outcomes should you opt for a hysterectomy for fibroids.

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