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Obturator Nerve

Obturator nerve Kegel8 Pelvic Health

What is the Obturator Nerve?

The Obturator nerve (c) is responsible for the sensory innervation of the skin of the medial aspect of the thigh.

It is the largest nerve in the anterior lumbar plexus (a nerve network of the low back).

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This series of nerves serves as a pathway from the brain to the back, abdomen, groin and knees. The Obturator nerve stems from the second through to the the fourth lumbar, or lower back, into the front portion of hip area it also runs through the pelvis and thigh to supply sensory input to the front of the upper leg and knee area.

(a) Pudendal nerve, (b) inferior cluneal nerve, (c) obturator nerve, and (d) genitofemoral and ilioinguinal nerves.

Can Kegel8 Help?

Yes! Conservative ways to treat obturator nerve problems include physical therapy for stretching, massage therapy and ultrasound and electrical stimulation for the management of pain. Kegel8 Pelvic Toners can help with both exercise and pain management by using surface TENS electrodes.

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