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Pelvic Varicosities

Kegel8 and pelvic varicositiesWhat are Pelvic Varicosities?

Pelvic veins can expand and become enlarged leading to vascular congestion - similar to varicose veins in legs. The veins have thin walls and they are unsupported with relatively weak attachments between supporting connective tissue.

What causes Pelvic Varicosities?

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The cause of this pelvic vein widening is not known, it is possibly due to hormonal factors which contribute to the widening of the blood vessels and the pelvic veins are exposed to high levels of hormones produced by the ovaries. One study of women with pelvic congestion noted them having a larger uterus and thicker endometrium.

Pelvic Varicosities Treatment

There are minimally invasive procedures to treat pelvic varicosities (also known as pelvic congestion syndrome) and Kegel8 offers a natural way to fight the pain encountered with this problem. Kegel8 will also help with the problem of urge incontinence associated with this condition.

Advice about regular pelvic floor exercise sounds sensible but is currently not supported by any evidence.

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