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Perineal surgery

What is Perineal Surgery?

Perineal surgery is where the pelvic surgery is performed on the rectum approached via the anus. This surgery is not a major abdominal procedure and is often performed on older patients or those patients for whom abdominal surgery would be unsafe.

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Perineal surgery procedures include those that deal only with partial thickness prolapse such as the STARR procedure and mucopexy and full thickness rectal prolapse (Delorme’s and Altimeier’s procedure).

Can Kegel8 Help?

Kegel exercises are vital to improve the results of this and all pelvic floor surgery to enhance the success of the repair.

If you have a rectal prolapse you are more likely to suffer a bladder prolapse so it is vital to kegel exercise to ensure other pelvic organs do not prolapse.

Electronic pelvic exercisers like the Kegel8 Ultra 20 do the squeeze and lift exercise for you. Or you can do your manual exercises with the Kegel8 Cones.

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