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Shaatz Pessary

What Does a Shaatz Pessary Do?

The Shaatz Pessary is designed for use by women who are suffering from a 2nd or 3rd degree uterine prolapse and may also have a cystocele (bladder prolapse).

The rounded, slightly domed shape is flexible for easy insertion and provides support to the prolapsed organ which can help to relieve the symptoms of prolapse. The use of a Shaatz pessary, along with pelvic floor exercise to treat the underlying cause of prolapse, is recommended as a first-line treatment for pelvic organ prolapse.

A Shaatz Pessary Helps with Cystocele and Prolapse

Shaatz Pessary for Uterine Prolapse and Cystocele

While wearing a Shaatz Pessary cannot cure your prolapse, it will help to give you some relief from prolapse symptoms by supporting the 'dropped' organs.

Clinical studies have shown that wearing a pessary can help you to avoid painful prolapse surgery.

In this diagram, we show how the Shaatz Pessary should be inserted.

If you are suffering from a second or third-degree uterine prolapse with or without a cystocele, it is important to strengthen your pelvic floor as well as wearing a pessary. A pessary helps the symptoms but does not treat the underlying cause. The Kegel8 Ultra 20 features a programme especially designed for women suffering from severe prolapse.

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Kegel8 and Shaatz Pessary Use

Kegel exercises with a pessary in place with a pelvic toner such as a Kegel8 will make your pelvic floor exercise even more effective in a far shorter amount of time. The use of a pessary as a 'resistance' device (as with any muscle training) makes pelvic exercising more effective faster. When you insert a pessary it  causes you to perform isotonic pelvic floor exercises (unconscious muscle contractions) which hold the pessary in position. It is probably the mechanism by which using a vaginal pessary decreases the size of the genital hiatus ('sagging' or widening of the pelvic floor).

  • In the US Clinical studies show that 3 months of pessary use genital hiatus size decreases significantly. By using the pessary it results in significant anatomical change to the size of the genital hiatus in patients with pelvic organ prolapse1.

1 Effect of Pessary Use on Genital Hiatus Measurements in Women With Pelvic Organ Prolapse - Jones, Keisha MD; Yang, Linda MD; Lowder, Jerry L. MD; Meyn, Leslie MS; Ellison, Rennique; Zyczynski, Halina M. MD; Moalli, Pamela MD, PhD; Lee, Ted MD

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  • Clinical Evidence1 shows that the use of a pessary can slow the development or severity of your  prolapse and could also help to make your prolapse less severe.
  • If you suffer prolapse it is really important to Kegel exercise as well as wearing a pessary. The most effective way to do pelvic floor exercise is with a Kegel8!
  • Start strengthening your pelvic floor today with Kegel8 - the most effective way to Kegel.