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Thiersch procedure

What is the Thiersch Procedure?

A type of pelvic floor surgery to treat rectocele or rectal prolapse.

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This is a rarely used procedure of anal encirclement or the Thiersch procedure. Anal encirclement involves the insertion of a thin circular band of non-absorbable material under the skin of the anus. This narrows the anal opening and prevents the protrusion of the rectum through the opening.

This procedure, however, does not address the underlying prolapse condition and therefore is generally reserved for patients who are not good candidates for more invasive surgery.

The Thiersch Procedure and Kegel8

Pelvic Floor Exercise is vital to improve the results of this surgery and to maintain the success of the repair. If you have a rectal prolapse you are more likely to suffer a bladder prolapse so it is vital to kegel exercise to ensure other pelvic organs do not prolapse.

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