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Timed Voiding

Timed voiding or scheduled toileting is a procedure that can help those who are unable to reach the toilet in time - this might be due to physical or mental reasons, inability to walk, arthritis etc. Timed voiding is also effective with both men and women suffering with functional incontinence (when you don't recognise that you need to urinate). Timed voiding can be used to prevent the bladder from overfilling which might result in incontinence, and is especially useful for sufferers of urge incontinence.

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Timed voiding also works as an effective reminder for those who self-catheterize.

Timed Voiding Instructions & Schedule

Timed voiding is also known as habit training, where a schedule is set for toilet visits (urinating). These visits are determined by your personal habits - the usual interval is 3 - 4 hours but it is best to refer to your bladder diary to get a better idea of timings.

Timed Voiding watches can be used to ring an alarm or vibrate against the wrist to remind the wearer to visit the toilet.

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