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TOMS - Transobturator Male Sling

TOMS: What is it?

Transobturator male sling (TOMS) is also known as I-stop TOMS, or TOMS Male Sling. The male sling surgery involves making an incision below the scrotum then threading a non-stretch mesh tape through and attaching it to either hip bone. The sling adds pelvic support to the bladder.

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Post-prostatectomy stress incontinence remains a problem for many men, even in mild to moderate degrees. Sling procedures are frequently recommended. TOMS is a transobturator male sling procedure and clinical trials (2004) show results in the region of 70 - 80% success.

TOMS and Kegel8

Kegel exercises for men have been clinically proven to help with stress incontinence post prostate procedures and these are recommended as the first line treatment forllowing surgery.

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