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Transient Incontinence

We've All Heard of Incontinence, But What is Transient Incontinence?

Transient incontinence is the loss of urine from causes outside of, or affecting, the urinary system such as acute confusion, infection, atrophic urethritis or vaginitis, medications, psychological conditions, restricted mobility or stool impaction.

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For instance if you have a cold and you leak when you sneeze or cough - this would be classed as transient incontinence. Expectant Mums may find as their pregnancy progresses and due to pressure on the bladder that incontinence during pregnancy occurs.

Transient incontinence passes, but it is a reminder that all women and men should perform regular pelvic floor exercise. If for some reason you find that your incontinence persists and you are taking medication, do mention it to your doctor who may be able to help.

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