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TVT - Tension Free Vaginal Tape

What is TVT?

TVT (Tension Free Vaginal Tape) Procedure is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which is performed to prevent unwanted bladder leaks and urine leaks during exertion and prevent it from opening when not weeing (voiding).

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Tension Free Vaginal Tape is also know as TVT, or TOT - Transobturator tape.

TVT sling surgery is performed under general anasthetic or spinal anaesthetic. The surgical procedure works by supporting the middle of the urethra with a tape. An incision is made in the vagina underneath the urethra and two smaller incisions are made at the bottom of the abdomen beneath the pubic hair line. The needles are passed upwards from the vagina so that the tape comes to lie underneath the urethra.The tape is then placed in the correct position.

Kegel8 and TVT

There is a published study which shows good success for the TVT procedure for up to 7 years. As with all pelvic health surgery and especially surgery for prolpase and incontinence it is essential that a course of kegel exercises is started immediately. This will help to improve the outcome of surgery, and also help to make sure any surgical procedure lasts as long as possible and there are no further prolapse and incontinence problems.

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